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In Morocco, a number of food staffs are served mainly ranging from traditional to modern dishes. IN Morocco, sharing meals is a culture, since there is a strong belief in family ties. Dishes are mainly prepared by women and their meals are nice, tasty, coloured and are always kept in touch of warmth. moroccan cuisine

This is the most holy food according to tradition, since the prophet ordered for its respect. So any piece found dropped must be removed on the street. The bread loaves are baked in terracotta gas in a communal oven during early morning.

This is a semolina pancake made of yeast. Within it is a honeycomb, which is served along with khli meat and food.The dish is basically served on breakfast.

Tea Mint:
Mint is grown in Morocco Mountains and served almost every time. During the Crimean War, this tea was off loaded in Tangier. However, some say, it is tea meant for prophets.

Mentha Viridis tea is the only one grown in Meknes and Zerhoun, which is best quality and has dark stalks.

The Couscous is a religious national dish got from durum-wheat semdina and mixed with small drum wheat flour or soft wheat flour. It is believed by the Moroccans, that those who consume couscous receive God’s blessings.
The women preparing couscous must be holy and patient. It is served with a topped stew.
Basically, salt is the most used preserving method in Morocco. However, there is introduction of olive oil from the sea near Meknes and Fes. These lemons are preserved when they are ripe and for some regions, they mix them with cloves and coriader. Recipes.

This is referred to as a crowning dish menu usually served in the morning after the wedding night, to symbolize the stability of the family and produce beautiful children.

Eating using hands is a tradition here in Morocco, so you should follow some steps when eating Moroccan meals; Wash your hands, have a prayer, use your right hand, use the thumb and the first two fingers, while the left hand may be used to pass on bread and other dishes to the next person.

Bread must be served by one person and is a number of people serve themselves with bread, there will be misunderstanding in the house.

You are not supposed to leak your fingers before the end of the meals and use the bread to clean up your plate and finish off the source.

There are 3 meals in Morocco and the main one being served at midday although there are variations of these in restaurants.
Women may not eat with the rest of the family in a Moroccan hone unless female visitors are present on the meals served. moroccan cooking

After the meals are presented on the table, the leaders will say, “Bismillah” (The name of Allah), and the rest will respond, then the meals will start right away. Remember meals are not refused in Morocco.

In a Moroccan culture, you are not supposed to leave the table before the meal, is you leave the meal, the rest will follow suit, so you should remain at the table for the rest to finish.

In a Moroccan house, you should not admire anything in a home and if you admire anything in the house, they will give it to you and gifts are not refused. This is to prevent jealousy between family members.