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Welcome to the online travel guide to Morocco covering detailed information about the travel destinations, tips, national parks, visa guide and so much more.

Morocco flights:
Mohammed V Airport is Casablanca’s main airport, which is useful for passengers travelling anywhere.
If you have sometime, there is a city centre train that moves for 30 minutes (30km).

Airlines flying from United Kingdom direct to Morocco include; Royal Air Moroc, British Airways and among others that may require change include Iberian, Madrid and Air France.

For flexible and cheap flights to Morocco, you can use the Internet as a hunting ground and there are some cases of bargaining. However, summer months and high season tickets try to go high.

At the unsocial hour, most budget flights try to leave, which annoys passengers, with the exception of Atlas Blue. So far, they operate on direct flights from Gatwick to Marrakec, which makes it difficult to get the exact days you want. However, you will be able to move in time.
Agadir is also served by the Atlas Blue. However, you will need to get to Strosbourg or Brussels and by 2012, the plan is inset to quadrupe the fleet size and then new routes will be opened up. You will need a six months valid passport when flying to Morocco after your entry date to avoid being turned back. It is a good idea even if your airline doesn’t re-confirm your return flights especially in cases of making transfer. Hapless travellers may have souvenirs like mirror frames and lamps in post security flight after checking in, you can remove them from your hand luggage.

Booking at least 3 months is the best price to get to Morocco Taroundant. Here you can pay for a seat for as little as £80 including all taxes if you pay in advance, but later on prices go on to be increased.
For all non-stop and best prices, try Gatwick flights.

Flights options:
Its recommended that travellers should talk with us for the best prices, routs and choice of flights especially flying into one airport and then to another can be the cheapest and more convenient for saving on international travel.

The recommended day to start may be Sunday, although there are a number of flights almost all the week. So check these flights schedules, which are available from UK (March 2006). Also available are flights connecting from Scottish.

Airport hotels:
Facilities offered by the airport hotels include a hotel room and its parking for your car. These packages are mainly offered on special holidays.
It is cheaper than paying for the airport parking alone. There are options of either parking at the compound or at the hotel.
You will be issued with a list of available hotels to book on line.

Airport Parking:
The more you book early, you save 35%, so you can book early on line.
This process can use 128-bit encryption for all major credits as well as debit accepted.
You will be offered a choice to book car park that is suitable for you according to the airport that is suitable for you according to the price.

Free transfer for all cars parks to the airport in 24-hours a day. So you can book now and you will receive an e-mail to confirm the direction of your car park.

Welcome to the online travel guide to Morocco covering detailed information about the travel destinations, tips, national parks, visa guide and so much more.

Flights Air Lines:
More airlines deal in between Morocco and UK.
So you can take advantage of them. However, they are expensive and keep on changing their costs especially in holidays.
The Air flights that operate using this route are British Airways and Royal Air Moroc.
(They also operate using other brands like GB Airlines and Atlas Blue respectively).

These flights give travellers a chance to fly from one Airport to another, where you can fly from one point to another in Morocco. However, it is not possible to mix flights from both Airlines.

Holiday Prices:
The website provides you holiday prices for those flying from Heathrow pr Gatwick with either British Airways or Royal Air Moroc.
Costs shown will be particular for one airline and departure airport.
Below are some supplements for airports and alternate airline holiday costs for each hotel page. So indicate your choice to us for multi center holidays.

Class supplements:
For normal class, it costs £1000 per person. So you may consider these supplements which are attractive to your holiday enhancement.

British Airways from Gatwick from £325.
British Airways from Heathrow from £450.
Royal Air Moroc from £295.
For fear of flying www.air or www.fear Also provided are book lists used on the books page.

Flights to Morocco| Flight Airport Morocco Tickets Booking
Cheapest travel:
Flight prices tend to have a number of trends as shown on the table below.
Even for peak periods, discounts are offered when you pay in advance.

01/11 18 /12
01/01 11 / 02
18/03 04 / 04
10/05 26 / 05 02/06 14 / 07 30/ 08 20 / 10

17/12 31 / 12 10 / 02 17 / 03 03 / 04 25 / 05
10/05 01 / 06 13 / 07 29 / 08 19 / 10 31 / 10

Check your flights:
Charter flights, which supply paper tickets but may not mention arrival times. So the trip may take 3.5 hours from Manchester. Most air tickets are now electronic for Thomsonfly, Atlas Blue, Roay air Moroc, BA, Ryanair and Easy jet.
Then you want to check your passport at the airport and booking mail copy.
When you want to check your passport details, flight schedules or passengers names, log on the airport web site shown on your itinerary for 6 digits reference.

Airport parking and Hotels:
With the double efforts to our clients from the airport and essential travel, we offer airport hotels and parking options. Simply you have to just click on the links for book on line or request quotations.