Kidepo Valley National Park Marks 50 Years

Which is the Best National Park in the North Eastern Part of Uganda?

In the far northeastern Uganda lies Kidepo valley national park, Uganda’s remotest park in the sparsely populated part of the country in arid lands, Kidepo is one of the most alluring destination in the country boasting with strong wildness atmosphere with dramatic jagged mountains looming over golden savanna, peculiar conical hills sprout out of the grasslands, and prides of lions survey the scene top of rocky Kopjes in Karamoja region, a home of Uganda singular ethic group, the Karamojong, nomadic pastoralists who are so rooted in their culture and whose love of cattle has an obsessive quality .

CNN 3rd  ranking Wildlife Safari Park in Africa marks 50 years;Kidepo National Park,North Eastern Uganda

Kidepo is now 50 years old, and its even getting better considering the fact that is has been ranked by CNN as the 3rd wildlife park for safaris in Africa. This is so true based of the variety of wild animals in the park.
Kidepo valley national park is the best place in Africa for one to see lions, giraffe, elephant, cheetah, zebra, huge herds of buffalo, waterbuck, Oribi, warthog and an incredible number of bird species all roam this vast wilderness.

What kinds of animal and bird species do I expect to see in Kidepo National Park?

kidepo safari giraffeA total of 86 mammal species have been record and 463 checklist of birds species confirmed with 60 bird species not recorded anywhere else in the country. 100 of the bird listed are dry country birds which are confined to Kidepo or north or eastern Uganda.  Raptors are well represented, 56 species in total of which the most commonly observed include; the dark chanting goshawk pygmy falcon, tawny eagle, bataleur, secretary bird and several types of vulture. Other birds which are regarded as Kidepo specials in Uganda include; Ostrich, kori bustard, fox and white eyed kestrels, white- bellied go-way bird  carmine, little green and red throated bee eaters, Uganda safaris Abyssinian roller, Abyssinian scimitar bill, d’ Arnauds, red and yellow and black-breasted barbets, red-billed, yellow billed and Jackson’s hornbills, Karamoja aplis, Rufous charter, northern brownbul, golden pipit, chestnut weaver, red-billed and white headed buffalo weavers and purple grenadier to mention but a few.  5 primate species are resident in Kidepo, 12 antelope species occur in Kidepo including, the greater and lesser kuddu, Guenther’s dirk-dirk and mountain reedbuck which occur now where else in Uganda. Other antelope species include Jackson’s hartebeest, eland, bushbuck, common duiker, Klipspringer, Oribi, Defassa, waterbuck, and bohor reedbuck.