Facebook owner could buy the Whole Uganda

Facebook owner could buy the whole Uganda

$ 22 billion Facebook’s Acquisitions equate to Uganda’s GDP

Mark Zukerberg CEO of Facebook is trending in competition with Uganda’s GDP.All Facebook acquisitions would buy Uganda today as they stand at 22 billion US dollars, only leaving out just a minimal difference of 6 million and in points.  As a strategic trick and move, Mark is trending in buying and holding other companies under his arm.WhatsApp, Instagram, and 45 more companies that are not disclosed are all under Facebook today, since its inception in 2004.He is finding pride in buying others as a way of growing himself.Facebook is now becoming a renowned addict to acquisitions since its inception in 2004.This has put its financials in perspective. Today it is quite hard for a fortnight to pass without hearing about a new acquisition by Facebook which is worth more than a billion dollar and equivalent to …….Uganda shillings. Take the time to calculate.

For the past six years, over 22 billion dollars have been spent on acquisitions owned by Facebook. The biggest portion of this 22 billion dollars has been spent on buying WhatsApp, Oculus and Instagram as the most expensive bought at $ 19, $2 and $ 1 respectively. A few of the other companies that Facebook has acquired include, Friends’star patent at $ 40million, Friend feed at $ 47.5 million ,Social networking at $ 30 million, Face.com  and Atlas at $ 100million, Drop.10,Chailabs, Hot potato at $ 10 million each, Next stop at $ 2.5 million, Snaptu and Little Eye labs ranging between $ 60-70million and $10 -15 million respectively.

Still wondering what $ 22 billion Facebook acquisition equivalent could get you? Here we go;

22 billion plus dollars is compared to many other prominent businesses that are not competing any more. Many countries’ gross Domestic Product (GDP), costs for making films and movies, the net worth of celebrities, and even out competing the value of professional sports teams.

Taking an example of 2013, Facebook acquisitions of $22 billion are much more than Honduras and Afhaganistan’s GDP of $18.88 billion and $20.65 billion respectively. Our very own Uganda’s GDP at $ 22.6 billion could as well be literally taken over by just Facebook’s acquisitions. Bahrain at $ 28.36 should stand warned as it may as well be swept away just in a blink of an eye.

Let’s take a look at the sum of salaries for the wealthiest CEOs in the USA in 2013.A total of 500 CEOs’ salaries stood at $ 5.2 billion which is just quarter of the $ 22 billion Facebook acquisitions.

Not even the celebrities’ worth would compete with the $ 22 billion. Behind the $ 22 billion Facebook acquisitions is George Lucas who is worth $ 4.9 billion and Oprah Winfrey at $ 2.9 billion.Facebook acquisitions are only outcompeted by Bill Gates who is worth $76 billion and Mark Zukerberg( Owner of facebook) himself worth of $ 30 billion.

Neither could the film production cost of $ 2.4 billion nor your own sports teams all summed up beat Facebook acquisitions of $ 22 billion. Check out the production costs for the prominent movies below. They are still not anywhere close to the worth of Facebook acquisitions.

Pirates of the Caribbean T World’s end $300million
Tangled $260 million
SPider Man 3 $258 million
Harry Potter and the Half Blood prince $250 million
Avatar $237 million
The Dark Night rises $230 million
The chronicles of Narnia  Prince Carspian $225 million
The Avengers $220 million
Men in Black 3 $215 million
X –Men the last stand $210 million
King Kong $207 million
Titanic $200 million
Toy Story 3 $200 million


Not even Manchester United my own team, competes with Facebook acquisitions, it stands at only $ 2.23 billion and following a descending order for Dallas Cowboys at $ New York Yankees both at $ 1.8 billion , to mention but a few.

With a population of 36.8 million people, and a GDP of only $ 22.6 billion, Mark Zukerberg would practically own all of us today if he wanted. Keep an eye on the watch for Facebook’s next big shopping.