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This is one of the most attractive towns in the whole of Morocco on the coastline. It is concentrated with blue shuttered houses, art galleries, white washed wood workshops, colourful boats and surrounded by a red wall. The town font is covered by rocky islands with sandy beaches and dunes. The beaches are quite clean and you can walk there for few minutes.
A number of people have cool temperature since all sites a round are very hot. The good wind for surfing attracts the tourists and has become well known for wind suiters world wide.  In the 18th Century, it is the Portuguese who found the city of Essaouira when it was called Mogador. At that time being a home to fort beginnings, its in 1760s when the walls were constructed and the French Theodore cornut architecture designed it by following the orders of Sultan Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah.

Theory opened to the European trade was Mogador by the 19th Century, outside Tangier, hence attracting the British merchants who settled in Kasbah, followed by a Jewish community.
Due to France’s protection of Casablanca, the city was left behind due to the settlement of Jewish in early 20th Century. However, due to fishing and tourism that came up in the city, the city developed again.

Agadir royal golf club:
The Scottish Golf Club started in 1755 since it was named after the Scottish called Wilson, who dug a hole in one the fields and later on another person named Colonel Kamili did the same by digging 9 holes near the geaniums.

The Agadir Royal Club is designed by eucalyptus minosa and pines covering 3600m on a 36 course.
The course is very good and delightful but you should be aware of the trees and the under growth.
The course is covered by palm trees that go up to the angles and broad greens. The number 3 hole is some how challenging. Its covered by 469 metres and 5 for having particular skills to over come water problems.
A panoramic club house is made available for players to meet after the game.
The golf course is surrounded by bunkers ontop of the hill. The blue course eucalyptus being ideal for getting your hand through.

Dunes Golf Club:
This needs one to be fit, part with 3 hole numbers. This yellow course needs one to be attentive since its covered by a lake with a deep depression, a bunker and an embankment on its green part.
Here you will be advised to use al your strokes, all your clubs red course, for the Tamarisk.
Also present include small eucalyptus wood, two lakes and made of part 5 that goes up before it sleeps down the course.