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Welcome to the online guide for Cape Verde properties, find land for sale, homes for sale, holiday apartments and booking services as well as property management guide for Cape Verde.

The Cape verde real estate industry has noticeable players who can help you find the property of your interest. Most investors plan on builing hotels, holiday apartments and other accommodation facilities to develop the country which is still in its tourism infancy. This beautiful place with 10 volcanic feautures is definately a spot where land and houses for sale is a must.  We help you find a house or home on this Cape Verde Island.

How to Buy:

When you have decided on the property that you wish to purchase, it will be necessary to make a deposit of ?3600 incl. 50% legal admin fees. You should have this available in cash (euros) or by credit card, as this deposit will reserve the property for you, lock the price and remove it from the market.

This reservation fee will form part of your deposit which will be payable upon signing the Private Purchase Contract approximately 30 days later. Immediately after your return home you will be contacted by our legal advisory service.

They will offer to appoint an English speaking lawyer for you and act as an interface between you and your lawyer. You will also be contacted by our recommended currency exchange organisation. They will demonstrate to you how you will be able to save considerably on your currency payments overseas.

Finally our after-sales department the Diamond Experience will contact you to introduce themselves and to be on hand to help you through and after your purchase.

*Should you require a mortgage for your purchase or to make multiple purchases we will be pleased to advise you. Tax issues should be discussed with your own tax advisor.

Legal Services:

Cape Verde Legal Services is an interface between overseas purchasers and lawyers. This service will endeavour to ensure that the correct procedures are followed and that the purchase progresses smoothly.

They will provide a fully independent, legal advisory service utilising a panel of Cape Verdean registered bi-lingual lawyers, all of whom specialise in property transactions.

Your purchase will be tracked throughout the entire process and will be advised when payments are due. The team will be at your disposal and can be contacted on a free phone number during office hours to answer any legal queries concerning your purchase.

click here for further information on Cape Verde Legal Services and the legal procedures of purchasing in Cape Verde.