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Procurement,Logistics services and Advisory in Uganda;How are procurement procedures in Uganda?

Procurement is an important element of growth and development of any company. Once considered a back office development, many organizations and institutions have established procurement as one of a vital role if carefully managed well by the top company administrators. Today, procurement goes beyond just the buying of company goods or arranging the services that a company needs…it is an independent part of organizational management that needs as much attention as others

Professional procurement often involves the supply of appropriate goods and/or services at the time, and in the required specifications on quality and quantity at the best costs. Professionals in this business are well acquainted with the industry, the potential market, suppliers of raw material and other third party supplies domestic and international. Knowing all these details is important in monitoring and management of the goods/service in supply, the potential risk in case supply terms are not taken seriously and other risks involved in the supply chain.

What do I need to know regarding Procurement procedures and processes in Uganda?

A complete understanding of the industry also requires professional procurement agents or companies to take charge of all purchasing decisions on delivery, price fluctuations and analyze the marginal benefit from short and long term supply.

In doing the right job, procurement officers have a duty to cooperate with the top management and have appropriate communication skills such as effective negotiation skill that will enhance their negotiations within the company and when dealing with third party suppliers. It is often the decisions of the procurement department that company relies on for growth and profits as considered in the cost-benefit analysis. An ongoing argument in the procurement world asserts that there are more skills required to make an agreement that benefits the different parties than just professionalism!

What benefits does a company get with strong procurement process and systems?  The benefits of an effective procurement process are several since this department plays a key role in the organization. These among many others include the improving the operation efficiency of the company, create cost saving situations and ultimately increase return to the company and the share holders among many others

The process of procurement is within simple steps that every procurement professional is familiar with.
The very first step involves gathering information on potential suppliers and creating system of trust and reliability.
If the suppliers are identified and deemed credible, the procurement officer makes a request for a quotation, proposal or any other information as detailed in the advertisement.
A number of resources have to be consulted before making a final decision on the supplier. These normally require discussion with top management and background reviews on the supplying party with its former clientele
Negotiations are then undertaken on price, warranty, availability of the goods/ service at all times, delivery on time and other vital specifications. At this stage a contract may be signed  to recognize the business deal
Finally, the supplier plays his part-delivery and training on product use if possible and other product needs. With satisfaction on product usage, the contract can make renewal in the supply contract!

The process of procurement can sometimes be lengthy and demand a little patience in case quality goods are to be supplied. The process of public procurement may be quite lengthy compared to private sector procurement!

Procurement and Logistics Services and Advisory in Uganda;Directory for Service Providers in Uganda

Mittico International Ltd.

14 Kampala Road Insurance House 2nd Floor Wing 4 3397,Kampala Kampala

041-4235717, 041-4231554, 031-2281282

Supply Masters (U) Ltd.

13B Kampala Road Amadinda House, Suite 5 26560,Kampala Kampala


Crown Agents Uganda Ltd.

1 Pilkington Road Worker’s House 6th Floor 7135,Kampala Kampala


Peja East Africa B.V (Uganda Liaison Office)

13 – 15 Kimathi Avenue Impala House 5th Floor 10013,Kampala Kampala

041-4236809, 041-4349344

Amproc Inc.

51 Upper Kololo Terrace Kololo 24595,Kampala Kampala

DEA Shepherds

4 Kampala Road Orient Building 28613,Kampala Kampala

031-2261256, 077-2692256, 075-2334477

IPA Africa Ltd.

2140 Old Kira Road Bukoto 11161,Kampala Kampala




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