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Currently everything is becoming too expensive and people are trying to find ways on how to reduce on the costs. Household equipments are hard to purchase and so the laundry section needs to be adjusted, the only way to save your energy and money on the washing machine is by taking up this guideline that will help get the best results.

Sort it Out

Before you put all the clothes in the same basin, you must sort them first. Whites are separated from blacks so that both don’t miss colors. Two loads may seem heavy work but through this you are saving your own energy of doing the work again just in case the colors bleed. Even as you hang, the whites ones must be given attention first.

Cold Wash
Cold wash is the best when washing clothes; it works well with all the detergent you may want to use. Hot wash helps to soften the clothes although it may not give you the best results. It’s actually costly when you decide to use power; cold wash will help you save m money and time. Clothes that are cold washed look clean and harden any type of fabric.

Washing Powder
It’s always good to use powder as a detergent, it removes all stains within no time and the results are amazing. Clothes that are not washed with powder don’t look attractive instead they are pale.You are allowed to use any amount of powder you want to make your clothes clean although its great if you maximize so that you don’t keep going to the supermarket to buy more.

Why do I have to Pre-soak My clothes?


After sorting out clothes, it’s advised to soak them. By the time you wash in the morning all stains will be gone and you won’t waste a lot of time and energy when washing. At this stage you just rinse clothes and hang as well. With the use of the washing machine, you can’t have stains removed and it can’t make that miracle. If you put stained clothes in the machine, they will not change any bit thus is better to first soak and then throw them in the machine. With this method, you will have the best results of your clothes. Remember to see detergent as you soak your clothes.

How do I Know the right washing machine before I purchase it?

Check the Rating

As you purchase a washing machine, it’s advisable to read on the instructions and in particular look for something that is more concerned with energy rating. You must get something that is in good condition and with high efficiency rating. It will save you time and energy costs. It should be environmental friendly and not something that is going to disturb your peace when in operation. Whichever appliance you decide on using at home for instance central heating, dishwashers or perhaps refrigertors, get something that will help you save energy as well as money. All you have to do is to get the best tips for washing machine and you will be able to save a lot of time and money.

Where Can I buy clothes care detergents,and machines in Uganda?

Check out these stores to make Purchases

Uchumi Supermarket (U) Ltd.

Yusuf Lule Road Garden City Mall 33230,Kampala Kampala

Quality Supermarket (Old Kampala)

4 Martin Road Old Kampala 3864,Kampala Kampala

041-4341580, 031-2265557, 041-4200248


Game Stores

2 – 8 Lugogo By Pass Road Kampala Kampala


Sure House Emka House 9715,Kampala Kampala




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