Why You Urinate or Pee A Lot After Taking Water

Why You Urinate or Pee A Lot after Taking Water

Body Hydration.

Why is water important for body hydration?

Keeping hydrated is important for reasons of keeping healthy. It is recommended that one takes 6 to 8 glasses of fluid a day. One who exercises more may take even more water as may be required. For example the athletes or even those exposed to the excessive hot weather.

8 glasses of water a day good for you
8 glasses of water a day good for you

For good body processing, one needs to get enough fluids to facilitate organ functioning. Other than water, which is the ideal fluid for hydration, one may opt for teas or juices.

Frequent urination

Why do I frequently pee? What causes frequent urination?

Water is a common cause of frequent urination due to excessive intake. Too much of this may cause you water intoxication. Keeping hydrated is key but more than 12 glasses of water may be too much, which may also put you at risk. Often, the body under goes through an excretion process of the excess after making use of the essential nutrients from the fluids that we take. Frequent urination may be a sign of a health complication. Examples here include waking up to urinate or even getting frequent urge to urinate and at very frequent intervals. This may be attached to drinking too much water ,however, there are other more evident causes for frequent urination; that is to say, one may have an enlarged prostate gland, incontinence or infection or even an over active bladder. After evaluation and examination, a physician will recommend treatment.

Children drinking water

What causes water intoxication?

Water intoxication as a result of excess intake

Water intoxication may result as a condition from too much water intake. This is a common complication among the athletes as their water intake is often more than normal due to their involvement in more exercising activities which prompt them into taking water more often.

On average one should not urinate more than 3.5 quarts in a day and at least less than 2 cups of urine per 2 hours. Taking more than 3 or 4 cups of water in an hour’s interval is risky as the kidney is not able to process it. Water intoxication may eventually lead to death. It is therefore important to know some of the symptoms such as; confusion and nausea on top of frequent urination. Urinating too frequently may require one to take an anti-diuretic such as Demospressin Acetate Tablets (DDVAP)

Alcohol, Caffeine, and frequent urination

Does alcohol or caffeine cause frequent urination?

Our bodies usually produce different hormones for different purposes. The body still produces, vasopressin which is an anti diuretic hormone  .The production of this hormone will command the brain’s pituitary glands to secrete it which communicates to the kidney to filter less water out of the blood through urine production. But because alcohol and caffeine are different, and operate through a different mechanism, the body processes are tampered with and hence may fail to process of secretion of the vasopressin hormone. This causes a lot of more water to end up in the urine. Too much alcohol thus causes dehydration which may eventually trigger you into excessive water intake hence frequent urination.

Practice not to urinate as often

How do I avoid frequent urination?

What should I do to stop over peeing after taking water?

Many blame this to an overactive bladder but it is just a habit that can be broken with practice. With continued persistence on the habit of peeing whenever one has the chance to, they may end up doing it even more than 25 times in just a day.

Learn how to hold your pee
Learn how to hold your pee

Holding on a bit will help you strengthen the communication circuit between the brain and the bladder thus breaking away from the habit. Through simple exercising like the multiple reps, will strengthen the muscles thus bringing about contraction. This sends signals that it is not the right or good time to pee which then signals back to the bladder.



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