Uganda Hospitals


CURE Children’s Hospital of Uganda

97 – 105 Bugwere Road 903,Mbale Mbale

045-4435273, 045-4340645

Kololo Hospital

16 Kawalya Kaggwa Close Kololo 71997,Kampala Kampala

041-4342435, 031-2264702

Karoli Lwanga Hospital Nyakibale

Nyakibale Road 31,Rukungiri Rukungiri

0486-442020, 0486-442555

Norvik Hospital & Research Centre ltd.

13 Bombo Road Kampala Kampala


International Hospital – Kampala(IHK)

4686 Namuwongo 8177,Kampala Kampala

041-4340531, 031-2200400/505

The Surgery (Dr. Stockley)

2 John Babiiha Avenue (Former Acacia) Kololo 24100,Kampala Kampala

041-4256003, 077-2756003, 075-2756004

Kapchorwa Hospital

16,Kapchorwa Kapchorwa


Kadic Hospital

Bukoto 7470,Kampala Kampala

077-2777811, 071-1777811, 077-2777913

Gulu Hospital

160,Gulu Gulu


Rubaga Hospital

Rubaga Road Rubaga Hill 14130,Kampala Kampala

041-4270203/4, 041-4273692/3/4, 031-2264244/5/6/7

Makerere University Health Services

Makerere Hill Road Makerere – Kavule 7062,Kampala Kampala

041-4542922, 041-4541578

Nakasero Blood Bank

Nakasero Hill Road 1772,Kampala Kampala

041-4257155, 041-4259010, 041-4259191

Paragon Hospital Kampala Ltd.

6A/7A Luthuli 5th Close Bugolobi 21387,Kampala Kampala

041-4220024, 041-4220028, 071-7770000

Gulu Independent Hospital

34/36 Air Field Road 23,Gulu Gulu

0471-432279, 041-4251690

Kibuli Muslim Hospital

Mbogo Road Kiburi Hill 24548,Kampala Kampala

041-4236476/7, 041-4235234

Women’s Hospital International & Fertility Centre

Bukoto – Kisaasi Road Kampala Kampala


Butabika Hospital (National Mental Referral Hospital)

Luzira 7017,Kampala Kampala


St. Raphael of St. Francis Nsambya Hospital

Nsambya Road Nsambya Hill 7146,Kampala Kampala

041-4267012/3, 041-4266998

Case Medical Centre

69/71 Buganda Road Case Medical Centre 4547,Kampala Kampala

041-4250362, 031-2261123

Hospitals are an important part of everyday life. They have  both the best moments in life such as new births and also have the worst memories when deaths occur. Nevertheless, we need to get medical assistance and attention from professionals.
Insurance providers offer health insurance policies to cover emergency and medical expense for families, individuals and organisations. Although some health care plans are attractive, they are limited with the number of hospitals from where you can get medical services.
With or without medical insurance, everyone needs to access medical services from a reliable hospital. Some hospitals have special medical plans for particular conditions such as Cancer, Pediatrics, Psychiatry and mental illness, Neurology and heart institutes to mention a few. When choosing a hospital, look out for which of the listed one offers exceptional medical attention to particular conditions.
Some of the other questions to ask when looking for hospital include the credibility of the hospital, medical insurance plans run by the hospital, the level of professionalism from hospital staff, hospital policy on access to emergency medical attention and the level of success particular hospitals have registered in treatment certain conditions. These queries and many others guide consumers in making the right choice on hospitals from which they can get medical attention.
Take a look online for hospitals offering specialty on medical conditions and how they are rated by previous patients and by international health organization. The charges for medical services may differ for each of the hospitals but you can consider options with sponsored/charity centers if you can not afford medical insurance!
Some of the health plans from different hospitals are compared on some websites and you definitely need to take a look at what such websites are saying for every health care plan. From this comparison, you can make a pick for the best hospital to seek medical attention.



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