Uganda Doctors, Dentists, Veterinary Surgeons, Medical Services

Dr. Ian Clarke Tel: 041 340291
Dr. R. Stockey Tel: 041256003
Dr. E. Kasirye (Paediatrician )Tel: 041 244009
Dr Mukhtar Ahmad (G.P) Tel: 041 235361
Dr. D. Torr (Family Physician )Tel: 041 231254
Dr. A.Shirazi (Orthopaedic Surgeon) Tel: 041 231254

Dr. Musawwir Ahmad. Tel:041 256880
Dr. P.Okello Aliker.Tel: 041 254858

Veterinary Surgeons
Dr.Nawajje Valeria +256706628471
Dr. Kakayi Jackie +256783532149
Pro. Johnson Acon.Tel: 041 540642/ 075 728292
Dr.Julie Nayiga Tel: 041 258438
Country side Vet Clinic Tel: 077 484580, 071 182810

Medical Services
All medical problems and sicknesses such as heart attacks/cardiology, therapy, maternity and pharmaceutical prescription demand that medical services for a particular country be available although the day. Imagine the stress and anxiety that you would have without medical services! There are several hospitals and clinics that provide different medical services such as medical transcription (MT)
Medical transcription is a popular form of getting medical service in the world today. It is a cheap way to get medical attention and is used by private hospital and health care plans. Medical reports may be stored electronically or written by hospital staff thus physicians can easily keep track of the medical records of particular patients for say prescriptions, drugs formerly used and then general medical history of a patient. Storing such data on computers saves space and takes care of overwhelming number of patients and requires special skills like effective listening to recordings and high levels of confidentiality for such medical outsourcing.
There are a number of advantages that come with medical outsourcing such as lower medical fees and this is the reason why medical services have grown in demand over the years. Private medical plans offers have lower fees and insurance costs than local medical centres giving any patient reason to choose such plans that provide the same quality of service as a local hospital with medical plans and services.
Today, medical services that extended products to include insurance & full billing services, professional coding for emergency situations and collectible support for hospitals, laboratories and physician offering medical services. Software and technologies have been developed to provide the highest level of service to clients.
In Uganda, there are many private partners that provide medical services and insurance to the corporate world or organisations. Key players in Uganda’s health care include Joint Medical stores, AAR Health Services, International Medical Group (IAA) and Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau among others. Many of these private medical service providers work in partnership with upcountry hospitals and clinics to provide medical attentions to its clients wherever they may be such as Antenatal care, emergency rescue & Evacuation among other services.
The quality of medical services in Uganda is great and some of the health care service providers can be accessed online. Providers has an extensive network of trained doctors and physicians in almost every part of Uganda offering the same satisfactory service  to the standard of the type of medical insurance paid for.



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