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Where can I Access Counselling Services and Centers in Uganda?

Uganda counseling services are distributed in all places to help people with different problems cope up with the situation.Counselling is a form of talking treatment, One confides in a counselor to help him or her get a solution to a particular problem.Counselors are professional and they can only sympathy with you on how you feel about what is going on in your life. Among the therapies that are administered by the counselor include Cognitive behavior therapy, it’s a way of helping someone think about his or her own problems and later find a solution to them. The aim of counseling is to help people open up honestly about their problems, motivate them to achieve their goals and give them a positive attitude towards life.

The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO) (U) Ltd. – Central Region

Off Gayaza Road Kanyanya After Mpererwe 28369,Kampala Kampala


The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO) (U) Ltd. – Soroti

Soroti Hospital 422,Soroti Soroti


The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO) (U) Ltd. – Mbarara

Off Mbarara-Kabale Road, Mulindwa Road 1010,Mbarara Mbarara


The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO) (U) Ltd. – Mulago

11485,Kampala Kampala


The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO) (U) Ltd. – Northern Region

252,Gulu Gulu


The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO) (U) Ltd. – Tororo

30 Cox Road Tororo Hospital 777,Tororo Tororo


The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO) (U) Ltd. – Entebbe

15 – 17 Lugard Road 235,Entebbe Entebbe


The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO) (U) Ltd. – Mbale

Mbale Hospital 2250,Mbale Mbale


The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO) (U) Ltd. – Western Region

Lower Circular Road Mbarara 1081,Mbarara Mbarara


The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO) (U) Ltd. – Jinja

2 – 48 Baxi Road 577,Jinja Jinja


The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO) (U) Ltd. – Head Office

Mulago 10443,Kampala Kampala

041-4532580, 041-4532581

The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO) (U) Ltd. – Masaka

1 – 19 Kigamba Road Masaka Hospital 1679,Masaka Masaka


Naguru Teenage Information and Health Centre (NTIHC)

Old Portbell Road Kiswa Health Centre, Opp. Shell 27572,Kampala Kampala

041-4288304, 041-4288305

The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO) (U) Ltd. – Gulu

Gulu Hospital 347,Gulu Gulu


Inspirations Counselling & Guidance Services & Training

9513,Kampala Nsambya, Kampala


The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO) (U) Ltd. – Eastern Region

4 Namurundu Road 1335,Mbale Mbale


The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO) (U) Ltd. – Rukungiri

Rukungiri Health Centre 350,Rukungiri Rukungiri


The AIDS Support Organisation (TASO) (U) Ltd. – Masindi

117,Masindi Masindi


How is counselling done in Uganda?


Counseling is a session that is carried out between two people one with a problem and other the listener. It’s away through which people cope up with conflicts and uncertainties of their everyday lives. Counseling can be done in different ways for example couples counseling, group as well as individual counseling.

Individual counseling is when someone is given a chance to make better decisions concerning his or her life. With a counselor besides, they make these people say what is on their minds and what they want to achieve. The counselor works towards discovering their feelings and have them expressed, through this they are easily helped to become better people in society.

Group counseling gives an individual an opportunity to know what problems other people are experiencing so as to cope up with life. Some of the topics discussed as a group include dysfunctional families, trauma, and grief along with managing stress.

Couple counseling is between two partners that have a desire to enhance on your intimacy relationship. Both members have to attend with the help of the counselor. These sessions help them to once again understand each other and be there for them.

For any professional counselor, he or she must have certain qualities such as unconditional remarks, empathy, warmth as well as genuineness. Some of these qualities depend on ones personality and to others they are learnt.

Genuineness; every counselor must have this character; you must be sincere with what you are saying through facial expression as well as eye contact. You must be in position to understand what your client is saying and be able to advise accordingly. Take not of a counselor who doesn’t give enough time and all he does is to throw comments; this one may not be sincere or genuine. Sincerity is a great virtue in everyone’s life be it in a relationship, you are called to be sincere at all times. Eye contact is very essential when communicating to a client, it’s the only way you will feel like she or he cares about what you are going through and he is willing to listen and advise you in the best way possible.

Take not of the seating arrangement; you are not supposed to sit anyhow once in the counseling room, there is a proper seating arrangement that must be observed. Your body language or eye contact may communicate something else which may discourage the client from being open when discussing. Avoid cross legging or swinging your arms around the chair, this may the client that you are more relax and that you will not be of good use. Chairs should not opposite each other, this may scare the client. It should be at an angle with a little distance between the counselor and the client.

Empathy; It’s always good to let the client know that you are feeling for her or him as well. If they are sad, they want to see you sad and this will help them to say a lot more that they never wanted to say. Empathy may be seen in non-verbal communication for instance you frown your face if a client says something so hurting or that you didn’t expect to be done. Remember that your Empathy must be real and felt by the client. Any insincerity may just cause the client to lose the mood. It can also be shown verbally for example I know what you are going you, only this will strengthen the client to have hope in his or her problems,

Warmth; this quality is seen by the way you care about your client, the facial expression and voice tone is crucial. You can hug or touch a client to know that you are with her or him in all that she is going through. Be careful when you are doing this because if you overdo it you may be misled. Some people may not like it but you use other signs to show that you are with them.

Unconditional Remarks; this is the best session and it’s a time when the client has to get an answer to his problem without offending him or her. A client can also be given a chance to decide on what she or he wants to do and it’s from that the counselor will as well advise appropriately. You have to be sincere when giving the final solution to someone’s problem whether it makes them happy or happy, as long as it makes their lives better. Counseling may bring a difference to your life.


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