Kampala Restaurants Guide, Where to Eat in Kampala

Where can I eat from in Kampala?

Kampala is one city that is well known for its many restaurants, you can’t fail to locate one just in case you are in need. Vendors come along with food and deliver to those who can’t affordable going to the hotels. Uganda is an agricultural country and when it concerns food, you will have it in plenty. It’s cheap thus giving a chance to eat what you feel like, its usually a balanced diet of all kinds of foods. Here are some restaurants that i have visited before. They have nice food with good hygiene. I may not advise you to eat food from street vendors because am not so such certain  about their sanitation and the way food is prepared may just disorganize your stomach.

The majority of the restaurants in Kampala are a bit expensive more so those that target the foreigners. Their menu focuses more on the international food and examples of such restaurants include Chinese, Italian, Indian, French, Belgian, Goan as well as the Turkish Mediterranean. Some local people visit these places to enjoy and as well found out how these dishes are prepared. Snacks and ice cream is a must on the menu.

A beef luwombo

Soft drinks are also in plenty, sodas like coca cola, pepsi, red bull, mineral water and juice of all kinds are available. Wines and spirits are also found in the bars, they are expensive but worth taking because they make you feel good.

Where can I find the Ugandan Local delicacy Luwombo?

Different brands of beers are also available; all these have a component of sugar. Although club has C0-2 and cornstarch added. The moonberg larger is new on the market and it was got from the Germans. In their content, they don’t add C0-2 or sugar and that is why it was able to win a silver medal in Germany. Visit Ugandan restaurants and enjoy local food luwombo, it’s so delicious and liked by the majority.

Vegetarian restaurants are also many and going to one will depend on your choice. Fast food restaurants are also accessible for example steers and Nandos. At anytime you visit, you will get something to eat. Uganda offers a wide range of dishes ranging from Chinese, Indian, Italian and Uganda as well. The best restaurants are situated in Kampala the capital city of Uganda, some restaurants may specialize in preparing particular cuisines using recipes got from Uganda and other countries. Once you are in Uganda, you can’t fail to get something to eat. The country is blessed with all kinds of foods.

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    Where can i have good dinner for a couple in beautiful gardens and at a good price ?


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