What to Wear to a Polo Match

What to Wear at Polo Match

What is the Polo game/ match all about?

Polo is a game that has been known for being charismatic and wealthy since time memorial. This is because it is a game that has always been liked and hence enjoyed by many Royals. Usually, the polo season goes on from the months of April until September. However the day for a polo match, takes on the form that is rather relaxed and informal as compared to any other seasonal fixtures during the summer. It is good to note that polo games have a lot to do with donkeys and fashion. Polo has always been said to be in style. The style of polo is therefore mainly guided by the fact of a social occasion, accessibility and connection to the polo field and by the weather to a certain degree. The dress code for the polo goers is usually dependent on a few ideas; one being whether the polo match is played or organized to aid a charity cause or there are cases of invitation to a section of an event that is exclusively hospitable to be extended. Here the guests will really dress up. However if the game is a simple event, then the polo goers will dress in a little more casual way. In America and Australia for example, polo has been the new racing until of recent. It has now ceased to be about the horse riders, today everyone who appreciates and wants to keep up with the sense of social scene in these cities as well as the different regions. Fashion is all that speaks as the polo games fall. Many will take on and enjoy the day as a special racing meeting or rather a picnic with friends. Regarding the dress code, those in the regions will be more of casual while those in the cities tend to put up a big fashion group.

Time for mingling at polo
Time for mingling at polo
The lupita way at polo
The lupita way at polo


What are the Golden rules for people attending a polo match?

As a polo spectator, endeavor to observe the following as,

  • The polo spectators have got to choose where to hang out from. It is usually either the seating of the grand strand or the members’ enclosure that is usually more exclusive. Here you chose to have a picnic on the lawn or opt to be seated down to a lavish lunch, have evening tea then go on with champagne. Often at times, the polo comes after the lunch.
  • Divot stomping. This is the prominent half time that is only 5 minutes. During this time, the spectators trod back into place the turf kicked up by ponies (they are never called horses).
  • Casual smart is usually the accepted dress code. In members’ enclosure though, the standards are rather smarter. Here a badge that allows you to enter must be worn.

What should I wear to the Polo game?

Since polo is an outdoor sport, dress according to the weather. You just can’t afford to either over or under dress, since the polo goers keep it casual smart. Choose to wear comfortable as people wear from jeans to high fashion.What to wear to a polo game will range and differ for the gals, guys, ladies and gents and even those in between.

Her blouse to polo
Her blouse to polo
His shirt to polo
His shirt to polo

What to wear for Him: If the men are especially invited to a charity cause or the VIP area that is exclusive at the game, it is common for men to wear dress pants or chinos and a dress shirt to polo. A sport coat or blazer will be handy and often guests wear ties and a panama hat. Men still need to have driving shoes (loafers), brogues, sun glasses as well as the binoculars. Kindly remember the wellingtons too.

Complement the dress pant with a right belt and buckle which suits it. Jeans may also be a handy outfit for the men. A well ironed cotton or linen shirt that is plain or in light colors checks or stripes will give him a chic look.

For a polo style T shirt, let it have a collar or you may go in for a fitting Italian Knit. It will be polite if you did not turn up to a polo game with a t-shirt for your best band ,one with bad language or rather one with any sleazy scene.

Anything trendy, leather loafers, Baxter riding boots, or RM William boots are a perfect foot wear for day’s attire. Leave the runners alone for the polo.

What to wear for the Women; It is important to go item by item for the gals, the issue of detail is therefore very key for her.

  • The Dress. Kaftans will give you an elegant look, but remember to wear it tights or pants or rather just keep it long. You may opt out for the paddocks as they often tend to get a little bit windy. The ‘little floaty short number” could turn out to be a night mare for the day, keep away from it for the polo game. Having the linen or cotton material, will make you more comfortable even on a warm day. Having the right accessories, a color scarf will definitely have you steal the show.
  • The shoes. The shoes should be very stable and short. The heels are a no go area for a polo game. Leave the stilettos alone as they will keep sinking in the grass. A wedge or flat shoe will ease your movements around and about the field especially during the stomping the divots where you will have to replace the divots that would be thrown up by the steeds and their riders.
You got to like the shoes for polo !
You got to like the shoes for polo !
  • Essential purse. It is a must for the ladies to carry items like little cosmetics for a redo, sunscreen lotion, a comb or even water. It should also have room for a scarf in case of change of weather.
  • The hat and Accessories. Since there is no need for fascinators for the polo, the hat is basically meant to help protect you from the sun. So simplicity should drive you and not so formal. Try bright colors for bungles and necklaces to match the simple dress, however keep them calm if the dress is already quite bold and detailed.
  • A good pair of sunglasses works well for the ladies too.
Chic for polo
Chic for polo
Picture at last weekend's polo match
Picture at last weekend’s polo match

Be comfortable in your attire while going to polo, always remember to have a smile and be friendly to the other polo goers, and don’t take it too seriously. Fashion and style say a lot at a polo match and many will look at you but not everyone will actually do so.



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