Uganda Electronics and Accessories

The Use of electronics in Uganda Today

A few years ago, people only thought that electronics needed to be bought from only retail stores where customers could have the opportunity to test them and get familiar with the different products. Long such days are gone! The new frenzy is online purchases and this passes for electronics as well.
Electronic stores and the internet give you the opportunity to make your shopping conveniently at the different online stores and the chance to discover different products as soon as they are released. People can actually buy electronic gadgets without testing them-often purchases are accompanied by incredible offers and discounts on reconditioned items.
There are many advantages that accrue on online electronics purchases that consumers do not enjoy from the physical retail stores. With many online stores dealing in electronics and gadget, a customer has the chance to visit the different stores and compare the quality of products. Some websites include complete guide or demonstration to product specifications such as features, prices and shipment policy.

What precautions should I take before buying electronics in Uganda?

Before you purchase any product, you have to look for the cheapest price.
Uganda electronics quality products are  always sold in online stores and these come at affordable prices and sometimes with discounts and special offers for seasonal purchase. Latest electronic gadgets such as home theatres, play stations, Androids, MP3 players, portable laptops and kitchen equipment can all be found on the internet stores. As long as you are looking at the right store, you can get these items and more. However, always ask for warranty on each and every gadget bought online. Some items will need to be recalled in case of faulty parts. You can ask about such queries and many others.

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Uganda Electronics and Accessories

The Use of electronics in Uganda Today A few years ago, people only thought that electronics needed to be bought from only retail stores where customers could have the opportunity…

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Different websites have distinct security policy when it comes to credit cards and other payment terms. Before making any purchase, read the security policy well and ask previous customers about the credibility of the website on such issues. Any manufacturer should have a physical address where you can reach them as well as telephone contact. In case of problems you know where to find them and take legal action if possible.
Read any product reviews before you make any purchase. Many online purchases require that you get a vote of confidence from a previous buyer before placing your order. You’ll find reviews on the website or by participating in discussion forums on electronics and gadgets. There is more you’ll discover about the product, how to use and the possible problem you can encounter during its use!

A directory to electronics dealers in Uganda

Anisuma Traders Ltd.

65 Kampala Road Ambassador House Kampala Kampala


Transtel Ltd.

4 Muwesi Road Bugolobi Industrial Area 12034,Kampala Kampala


Royal Electronics

Kampala Kampala


Royal Electronics

Kampala Kampala


Music Land Impex (U) Ltd.

20 Kampala Road Opp. Amber House, Near Bank of Bar 10361,Kampala Kampala

041-4347716, 041-4347708

Uchumi Supermarket (U) Ltd.

Yusuf Lule Road Garden City Mall 33230,Kampala Kampala


Exim (U) Ltd.

66 Kampala Road Near Fidodido Sun City Shopping Ar 9399,Kampala Kampala


Exim (U) Ltd.

66 Kampala Road Near Fidodido Sun City Shopping Ar 9399,Kampala Kampala


Ugasung Electronics Ltd.

55 Kampala Road Opp. King Fahd Plaza 7753,Kampala Kampala

041-4222333, 031-2261890/1

Game Stores

2 – 8 Lugogo By Pass Road Kampala Kampala


Patronics Services (U) Ltd.

99 6th Street Industrial Area 22760,Kampala Kampala

041-4341685, 041-4344838

Anisuma Traders Ltd.

47 Jinja Road 23136,Kampala Kampala

041-4349992, 041-4232527

Anisuma Traders Ltd.

Electronic Shop Uchumi Super Market Kampala Kampala


Prestige Electronics & Computers Ltd.

35 Jinja Road Coffee House 31082,Kampala Kampala


Varun Computers (U) Ltd.

67 Kampala Road Opp. Ambassador House 33549,Kampala Kampala


Anisuma Traders Ltd.

Garden City Shopping Mall, 2nd Floor, Garden Kampala Kampala


Lotus Enterprises Ltd.

72 Ben Kiwanuka Street Opp. Hotel Equatoria Bhatia 26061,Kampala Kampala

041-4349266, 041-4256726

Besmo (U) Ltd.

12/2 Jinja Road Opp. Barclays Jinja Road Madhvan F Kampala Kampala

041-4235025, 071-2530000, 077-2378181

Anisuma Traders Ltd.

17/19 Luwum Street Kampala Kampala


Best Connection Ltd.

3 William Street Get In House 27973,Kampala Kampala

041-4342271, 041-4381570

Prestige Electronics & Computers Ltd.

63 Kampala Road Opp. Ambassador House Kampala Kampala


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