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Which day care should I take my child in Uganda?

In the past, child day care institutions were perceived not to be good places for toddlers. It’s believed that care takers often left children unattended to and they would instead do their own work. This affected the child growth of these kids because they were poorly fed. Currently there are the best places where you can take your child as little as 7mouths, they are well trained in parenting and know how to handle children of all ages. They are given special attention that enables them to learn and grow. Before you take your child to day care, you must know what you want your child to achieve. It could be to play with others, learn how to talk and still associate with others.

Day Care Certified by the State;

Day care institutions must be given licenses to enable them operate in any location; this is something you must take note of as you look for one. Licensed day cares simply mean that they allow the rules set for them and that they have all the facilities favorable to keep children of all ages around. Safety measures must be put in place in case of any accident.

Toys that are Age-Appropriate

Day cares must have all kinds of toys to keep the children entertained, storytelling movies must be showed to some aged children to learn how things are done. Avoid toys that may damage a child’s life rather toys that will help a child learn and grow. With the best toys put in places, this will help children to adjust faster in their learning skills because they will be able to relate to them.

Areas for Open Play

Some homes have special rooms for their children; they are well designed with all bright colors that will give a child a peaceful stay in the room.Toys, reading books, artificial blackboards, small chairs along with playpens ought to be wide spread in the room to enable childhood growth. Just make sure that each point of a child’s room, there is something interesting and attractive to occupy a child’s mind. Kids love spacious rooms to enable them run around.

Small homes that may not have all these facilities may send their children to day care because there is everything that excite and keep the child busy as she or he also learns how to associate with others. Day cares are spacious with all outdoor activities put in place. They are given time to play all kinds of games and by the time they reach, they are surely tired and all they will do to sleep right away after an exciting day.

Quality Staff
One thing that you must take note about day cares is the staff; it must be well trained and experienced in the field of child care. A well qualified worker is one who will commit all his or her time to ensure that a child learns, plays and grows. Usually they love these children as their own, they don’t want see them cry or being hurt. They are there to protect them to handle them to their parents safe and sound. Parents that are so busy with work and have not time for their babies end up taking them to day care. Parents believe that the staff has enough time to look after children since they specialize in attending to toddlers of all ages.

Directory to Day Care centers in Uganda

Wava Nursery School And Day Care

Kyengera on Masaka Road; 100 meters on Kyengera to Nakawuka Road.
P. O. Box 24415 Kampala, Uganda.
Office 256 312 112237.
Wakiso; Nsangi sub-county.
Contact Person: Dr Maria Bawubya, E: mail<>
Tel: 256 772 455340; 256 312 112435.
Status: Private
Provides quality early education for children 3-6 years old, along with quality care for children 5 months to 2 years old; in a safe, friendly and nurturing environment where they learn, develop, play and grow.

Aga Khan Nursery School

9 – 11 Makerere Road 6837,Kampala Kampala

041-4308261, 031-2261924

Lonely Kids Day Care School

68 Mawanda Road Kamwokya Kampala Kampala


Lonely Kids Day Care School

68 Mawanda Road Kamwokya Kampala Kampala


Victorious Kindergaten & Day Care Centre

588/267 Namirembe Road 26278,Kampala Kampala

041-4235041, 031-2275641

Kinder Kare Pre-School – Kansanga

1538 Ggaba Road Kansanga 11798,Kampala Kampala

041-4268196, 071-2533339

Daffodilis Kindergarten

Naguru Drive Kampala Kampala

Aga Khan Nursery School – Kololo

Kololo Hill Drive 6837,Kampala Kampala


Cuddle Childcare Center

109 Old Port Bell Road Mbuya 28246,Kampala Kampala

041-4371494, 041-4680492

Teddy Bears Kindergarten & Day Care Centre

Luthuli Rise Bugolobi 26103,Kampala Kampala

041-4388099, 077-2634609, 077-2856541

Montessori Pre-School & Bobo’s Day Care Center

2155 Kireka Road – Mbuya Mbuya, Mutungo Kunya Stag 28695,Kampala Kampala

041-4590550, 070-2669164, 077-2669164

Fun Day Early Morning Centre

28 Nyonyi Gardens, Kololo 25299,Kampala Kampala


Stars Nursery and Child Care Centre

1225 Nsoba Road Mulamu 2691,Kampala Kampala


Kampala Nursery & Daycare Centre

19/21 Rashid Khamis Road Behind Havana Hotel – Beh 33367,Kampala Kampala

041-4237965, 071-2983754

Little Angels Day & Care

45 Nakasero Road 21429,Kampala Kampala


Safari Kindergarten

Off Lugogo By-pass Road Naguru 5467,Kampala Kampala


The Ark International Pre-School

21 Akii Bua Road Nakasero, Opp. Mamba Point Restau 5285,Kampala Kampala

Shalom Infant School

Mityana Road Bulaga Kampala Kampala

078-3462964, 078-2183665, 075-2829024


  • Talemwa Sabdra Reply

    September 7, 2015 at 10:14 pm

    A have a baby of one yr and five months but I don’t have time to be with him,so I need a good day care to take care of him even during the holidays.

  • wasswa charles kirumirah Reply

    October 9, 2015 at 11:45 pm

    for quality services of adaycare and kindergarten come to kings and queens kindergarten kazo lugoba

  • wasswa charles kirumirah Reply

    October 9, 2015 at 11:48 pm

    call 0705265405/0775100864 for more information


    July 3, 2018 at 5:30 pm

    Great services for the busy mothers in the employment sectors and also the relief you people offer especially to the parents who are have more than enough children in their homes


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