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Where can I buy Gifts and Souvenirs in Uganda?

Banana Boat

Lugogo Shopping Mall Kampala Kampala


Crane Crafts & Engravers Ltd.

69 Nkrumah Road 1516,Kampala Kampala

041-4230158, 077-2790621

Banana Boat

23 Cooper Road Kisementi – Kololo Kampala Kampala


Banana Boat

Yusuf Lule Road Kampala Kampala


Decor Plus Ltd.

8 – 10 Kampala Road/Nkrumah Road Uganda House, Sho 1855,Kampala Kampala

041-4250064, 041-4346867

Heart2Heart Africa Ltd.

21/23 Entebbe Road Battery House 16709,Kampala Kampala

041-4223360, 041-4593805, 077-2876699

Homes & Gardens

36 Bandali Rise Bugolobi 35983,Kampala Kampala


Getting the appropriate gifts for your family or friends can be an intimidating task especially if you are acquiring it from a place you know little about.
Many people usually pick gifts or souvenirs as reminder of their holiday. There is a wide variety of souvenirs, travel gifts and even literature you can always pick from your vacation. The items picked normally have a special importance attached to the vacation such that they will always remind you of that particular trip over time. Fortunately, with the recent years, many people have discovered the significance of these reminders. Remember, the activity of collecting these items is fun in itself.
Several times as we travel to other cities or countries, our friends and family do expect to receive a gift on our return. For that matter therefore, as you enjoy shopping while on your trip be it leisure, business or educative; it is very vital to always remember the people you left back home who eagerly await your return.
When you start souvenir shopping on your vacation, try and buy a sufficient quantity and variety of special gifts. Do this especially if you are travelling to a destination that you may never re-visit. Always it’s a good initiative to carry something back home to remind you now and again of the wonderful, memorable trip you had.
Below are a few guidelines to help you in choosing the best souvenir and gift for friends and family.

Before departing for your vacation, ask your family & friends about gifts they would love you to bring them on your return. If you want it to be a surprise, ask them a few questions that will enable you get an idea of what they admire in that place.

When traveling to another country, browse the internet for amazing collections of souvenir available in that country/place.

For your family and very close friends, you may choose to bunch up the best photos in an album. This will be an ideal gift for them.

Enquire from local shopping-guides or tourist pamphlet on arrival for ideas on where to do your shopping. Local crafts are a good alternative as they are distinctive and of good quality.

If you get the chance to venture outwards from the local tourist center of your visit, stop in the local stores, market or shops. You may come across an impressive item that is beautiful and very unusual for a gift back at home.

Endeavor to find gifts that people can relate with encounters of your experience on the trip, like if you are visiting England, purchase a beautiful teacup similar to those used at a renowned café in London

Instead of incurring large expenses on one gift, buy a few small gifts from different places.

Below are some examples of gifts and souvenirs you can pick for your family and friends. Ashtrays, travel mugs, coffee mugs, cigarette lighters and glasses, Key chains, bumper stickers, window decals, tea sets, miniature spoons, and T-shirts, glass bells and baseball hats that show the name or may be the map of the state, place or the country. Other gifts include woodcarvings Soapstone and leather items.
Remember to keep a backup of these gifts and souvenirs just in case you unintentionally forget someone or want to keep one for yourself.



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