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Ugachick Poultry Breeders Ltd.

1 Old Kampala Road Chicken House 12337,Kampala Kampala

041-4250341, 041-4251957


17 Cooper Road Kisementi – Kololo 22309,Kampala Kampala


Nyala Poultry Ltd.

599 Kisosonkole Road Kyambogo 30167,Kampala Kampala

078-2007669, 075-5007669

Bulemezi Farm Enterprises Ltd

7242 Kampala



Hill Top Farm Ltd.

382 Nizam Road Mbiko Njeru 372,Jinja Jinja

043-4120631, 043-4122530

Poultry Association of Uganda

1 Old Kampala Road 37743,Kampala Kampala


Jays Links International

Entebbe Road Kamu Kamu Plaza 2nd Floor, SF 16 40145,Kampala Kampala

075-7747837, 071-3747837, 077-2747837

Unga Millers (U) Ltd.

M229 Factory Close Ntinda Industrial Area 7795,Kampala Kampala

041-4285390, 031-2263271/2

Nyala Poultry Ltd.

599 Kisosonkole Road Kyambogo 30167,Kampala Kampala

078-2007669, 075-5007669

Ugachick Poultry Breeders Ltd.

1 Old Kampala Road Chicken House 12337,Kampala Kampala

041-4250341, 041-4251957

How is Poultry Farming done in Uganda?

Poultry Farming

If you opt for poultry farming, it is very vital that you understand and acquire the basic requirement to ensure that you incur minimal poultry losses from the birds’ birth until they reach a later stage. There are a number of precautions that you should always have in mind. Below are a few guidelines to help you reap hearty poultry.
Most poultry farmers specialize in chicken. They commonly purchase chicks that are days-old and brood them themselves. If you decide to take on this type of farming, there are 3 main elements in brooding chicken and these include adequate warmth, water plus food. These are very vital particularly in the early development stages of the chicks. Lack of any of these could result into a low body immunity that will cause harmful infections. For that matter ensure that you set up a suitable brooding environment for them. Caution should be taken not to excessively heat up their environment because this will definitely kill them. There should at all times be adequate food and clean water to acquire uniform growth of the birds. Remember that poultry farming necessitated extra attention and care as diseases easily spread and any small mistake can lead to severe losses.
In poultry farming there are several requirements when feeding the chicken.  First and foremost, ensure that the feeders you are using are big enough for all the birds to be able to have eating space. When the feeder is small, grit will accumulate at the bottom making it appear that that the feeder still holds food. For starters avoid being so economical as this may affect your business in future.
Endeavor that during the cold winter seasons, you heat the water bottles to reasonable temperatures to avoid the birds from getting any infection.  As you heat up the chicken house, ensure that the heat is evenly distributed. If the house is over heated, the chicks will crowd the cooler side(near the door) of the house. Use brooder stoves or tank warmers because with these chicks can easily regulate the temperature by either moving close or away from them. If you discover that your birds are panting, that is a sign of excessive heat, quickly regulate the temperature. Never under look any unusual signs for example poor appetite or chirping among chicks.
When it comes to the production section in this farming, there are a number of compulsory requirements. You have to be aware of the type of birds you are rearing, whether for eggs or for their chicken-meat. This will guide you in the production stage. Before moving the birds to a new house, ensure that it is clean will adequate water. The ration of female: male should be 3:1 respectively in each house.  The nesting houses where the birds will lay their eggs should be very clean and pest free. The in-temperatures should be just enough to allow the birds breed comfortably.
Although there are several other cautions that you should put in  mind will practicing poultry farming, the above are very vital and should be followed to the dot. Books, online sites and magazines on poultry farming will avail you with detailed information to assist you in having a flourishing farm.



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