Uganda Home Care

Uganda Laundry and Detergents Guide

What steps should I follow while doing my Laundry? Currently everything is becoming too expensive and people are trying to find ways on how to reduce on the costs. Household…

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Uganda Aluminium Products,Fabricators,Manufacturers and Dealers

Fabricators,Manufacturers and Dealers in Aluminium Products in Uganda Aluminium Hollow-Ware Manufacturers (U) Ltd. 85 Kampala 041-4230253 041-4230253 System Aluminium & Glass Ltd. 48 6th Street Industrial Area 22246,Kampala Kampala 041-4347185/6…

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Uganda laundry

Uganda Laundry, Detergents, Washing Machines

Currently everything is becoming too expensive and people are trying to find ways on how to reduce on the costs. Household equipments are hard to purchase and so the laundry…

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Uganda Carpet Cleaning Services and Dealers

Where can I get Carpet cleaning Services and Dealers in Uganda? A & M Executive Cleaning Services Co. Ltd. 38 Lumumba Avenue Uweal Building 24710,Kampala Kampala 031-2261094/5 M & N…

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uganda furniture

Uganda Furniture Stores, Fitting and Accessories

After building your new home or getting a new office, the first thing that comes to mind is the furniture you are going you to use to give your new…

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uganda interior designers

Uganda Interior Designers and Decorators

What is Interior Designing and Decoration all about in Uganda? A fresh look to your home or office is simple way of portraying style and class and there is no…

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Uganda Kitchen Ware and Acessories

What do I need for my Kitchen ware in my Ugandan Home? A kitchen nurtures the well being of every one in a home. Every woman or home maker spends…

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Uganda Cleaning Services,Equipments and Chemicals

Globe Clean Services 318 Old Kira Road 27024,Kampala Kampala 077-2890666, 078-2327764, 077-4223992 Dream Clean Limited 2 Bandali Close Kagga House 22731,Kampala Kampala 041-4220071 Norema Services (U) Ltd. 8 Luwum Street…

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Uganda Dry Cleaning and Laundary Services

Where Can I get Dry cleaning and laundry Services in Uganda? Dry cleaning and Laundry services in Uganda;Service providers in Uganda Real Dry Cleaners & Laundry Ltd. (Head Office) 13…

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