Uganda Food & Drinks Guide

Welcome to the complete guide to food and drinks in Uganda. Find what to eat, the delicacies in Uganda, how to cook, recipes and cuisines from the different parts of Uganda.

Chinese Restaurant in Uganda

By having a Chinese restaurant in Uganda doesn’t mean that its only for the chinese,Ugandans that have tasted this food can bear me witness the food is so delicious.Delieveries can…

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Uganda Restaurants, Recipes and Dining in Uganda, Kampala Restaurants, Entebbe and Jinja

Uganda restaurants have the best services and they operate 24 hours. You will get what to eat at any time of the day or night. There are 5 star restaurants…

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Uganda Bakeries and Confectioneries

A directory Guide to Bakeries and Confectioneries in Uganda M. Products Bakery 780 Makindye 12397,Kampala Kampala 041-4231670 Cake World Kampala Kampala 077-2494074 Goodies Confectionary JBK Plaza Kampala Kampala 031-2280548, 078-2404112…

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Uganda Beverages and Soft drinks

Beverage and Soft drink Companies in Uganda Century Bottling Company Ltd. (Coca Cola) Jinja Road, Namanve P.O Box 3990 Kampala Kampala 031-2236500 041-4221145 Britania Allied Industries Ltd. M247B Ntinda Industrial…

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Uganda Butcheries

Meat Parkers and Butcheries in Uganda Fresh Cuts (U) Ltd. 12721 Kampala 041-4200198 041-4200876 Uchumi Butchery Yusuf Lule Road Garden City, Uchumi Supermarket Kampala Kampala 041-4252077, 031-2300400 Uganda Meat Industries…

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Uganda Coffee Shops, Café in Kampala, Entebbe, Jinja and Mbarara

Where can I catch a cup of coffee with friends in Uganda,Coffee Shops in Uganda? Uganda coffee is highly on demand when it comes to the international market. Its Uganda’s…

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Uganda Coffee,Processors,Dealers and Exporters

A directory to Uganda Coffee,Processors,Dealers and Exporters Cofiplas Ltd. 6217 Kampala 041-4342326 Banyankole Kweterana Society 324 Mbarara 0485-421222 Coffee Millers Ltd. 8791 Kampala 041-4233542 Busiro Coffee and Produce Ltd. 436 Crusader…

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Uganda Food Processing and Food Products

A complete guide to Uganda Food Processors RAA Ltd. 14 Bombo Road 22784,Kampala Kampala 041-4256717 Stemuka Foods Ltd. Sir Albert Cook Road Wakaliga 28959,Kampala Kampala 075-1366000 Unga Millers (U) Ltd….

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Uganda Diary Products and Meat Processors

How are Diary and Meat Products handled in Uganda? Diary Products and meat Processors in Uganda Brookside Dairy Uganda Ltd. 36547,Kampala Kampala 041-4380468, 041-4380469, 041-236902 Dairibord Uganda Ltd. 7 –…

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Uganda Mineral Water, Bottled Water in Uganda, Rwenzori, Highland, Aqua Sipi, Wavah and Riham

Guide and Directory to Mineral Water distributors in Uganda Century Bottling Company Ltd. (Coca Cola) 3990 Kampala 031-2236500 041-4221145 Century Bottling Company Ltd. (Coca Cola) Jinja Road Namanve 3990,Kampala Kampala…

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Uganda Wines, Spirits, Manufacturers and Distributors

Who are the Wine Distributors in Uganda? Uganda Wines & Spirits 1 Luwum Street Kampala Kampala 041-4257142/4/5 Blue Nile distilleries Ltd. 72609,Kampala Kampala 078-2942042 Karuka Agencies 19 Cooper Road Kisementi…

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Uganda Ice Cream Suppliers

Where is the best Ice Cream in Uganda? If there is anything exciting for kids is making different ice cream flavors at home. At their tender age, they like frozen…

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Kampala Restaurants Guide, Where to Eat in Kampala

Where can I eat from in Kampala?   Below is a list of restaurants in Uganda that have ranked the best in the Capital of Uganda Kampala and even though…

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Kampala Takeaway and Delivery;Eating Places in Kampala

Where can I find Takeaway and Delivery Places within Kampala? Let me be honest; at times you simply don’t want to be bothered with cooking and, basing where you reside…

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Tea in Kampala

Where Can I have a good Cup of Tea in Kampala,Uganda? Afternoon Tea within Kampala In spite of the colonial British history of Uganda it is amazingly difficult to get…

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Where to eat from in Uganda

Find where to eat Uganda local cuisine, the top restaurants and occassions.

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Top Pastry shops in Uganda

Find various pastry shops in Uganda, bread and confectionary, Bread Cakes, Croissant and Doughnut.

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luwombo in Kampala

10 Best Local Restaurants in Kampala

Where to Buy local food in Kampala Uganda. Kampala is busy city filled with a lot of businesses from shopping malls to hotels, restaurants it being the capital city of…

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Uganda Food & Cuisine


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