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The tourism service providers listed here are basically credible companies belonging to recognised tourism bodies such as Zambia Tourism and so much more. You will find that there are various specialists ranging from birdwatching safaris, wildlife, game, mountaineering and other tourist attractions.

Zambia Tours
Zambia is a country that many describe as “the true Africa” and is also recognized as one among the safest countries in the whole world. It has the Victoria Falls, the vivacious River Zambezi and a variety of birds, game and an immaculate fauna. The people of Zambia are very welcoming and peaceful. The wildlife is stunning and the country offers some of the finest safaris ever available on this planet. The country prides in its seventeen astonishing waterfalls and the rich flora and fauna. Water sprays from the gorgeous Victoria Falls can be seen many miles away and the bridge at the Victoria Falls is a platform for you to enjoy the breath taking view of the gorge and the water falls. Alternatively you can enjoy the view in air, using micro-lights or fixed-wing flights.
Out in the wilderness you will view leopards, cheetahs, hippos, giraffes, lions, primates, buffaloes and elephants together with numerous birds considered to be over 750 in population just to give birders the perfect treat. Additionally are numerous opportunities for trekking, elephant back rides, open vehicle drives, canoeing, safaris, and horseback riding.
If memorabilia is something on your agenda the best place for a wide range of crafts and curios is the Mukuni Victoria Falls Craft Village. From intricate animal carvings in stone or wood, or the beautiful malachite, masks, drums, walking sticks, jewelry and more. The vendors are usually happy to trade for things like T shirts, batteries, shoes or anything else. In July of each year the Leya people take part in the Lwiindi Ceremony. The local people believe the spirits of their ancestors still dwell in the gorges of the falls and during the Lwiindi they offer sacrifices to them for rain.
If you would love to pick a souvenir, then visit the Crafts village near the Victoria Falls where you will get a variety of crafts and other stuff. Elaborate animal carvings in stone and wood, drums, jewelry, malachite, walking sticks and masks are some of the items there. The traders do gladly trade for items such as T-Shirts, shoes, batteries and other items.  Annually during the month of July, the Leya people participate in the lively Lwiindi Ceremony. The natives believe that their ancestor’s spirits still reside in the waterfall’s gorges so sacrifices are offered to them during the ceremony of the Lwiindi ass they request for rain.
Mosi O Tunya National Park is situated alongside the upper Zambezi extending from and together with the Victoria Falls for close to 12 kilometers to river Zambezi. It is a haven to several animals among which are zebras, a variety of antelopes, giraffes and the just recently obtained white rhinos, and one of them gave birth in 1994 within the park. You will enjoy a leisure drive through the park for some hours during which you will view the animals at a very close distance. Fortunately there are no predators in this park so you will be able to take good pictures.
There are several lively activities that include trekking safaris in the heart of the wilderness, binging into the profound gorge and river rafting on the river, canoeing, tiger fishing, abseiling and watching the incredible sunsets.



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