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Welcome to the section of tour operators in Tanzania travel agents, Tanzania safari companies and travel advisors or tour guides. The tourism service providers listed here are basically credible companies belonging to recognized tourism bodies such as Tanzania Tourism and so much more.

African Legends Tanzania Safaris

Description: Tanzania Adventure is a local company, founded by experienced members of the travel industry.

A Tent with a View Safaris Description: Owner/operators of Sable Mountain Lodge, Selous Game Reserve and A Tent with a View Safari Lodge, Saadani National Park. Personalised itineraries connecting Saadani and Selous with Pemba, Zanzibar, Mafia and southern Tanzania Contacts: +255 22 2110507, +255 22 2151106, P.O.Box 40525, DSM, safariscene@intafrica.com

Bobby Tours And Safaris Description: Tanzanian safari travel with Bobby Tours And Safaris – the complete vacation planning guide and online booking service with detailed maps and information for your Tanzanian safari. Contacts: +255272503490, +255272508176, Goliondoi Road, travel@bobbytours.com

Bushbuck Safaris -Your choice for quality safari in Tanzania Description: Bushbuck Safaris arrange quality African Wildlife adventure safaris to Tanzania. Contact us for customized & affordable safaris to Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Manyara, Tarangire, trekking Kilimanjaro and to Zanzibar Contacts: 2544186 / 2507779 / 2544308 / 2548924 / 2548939, 2548293 / 2544680, P. O. Box 1700,, bushbuck@bushbuckltd.com

Ngorongoro Adventures Ltd Description: Ngorongoro Adventures Ltd is an inbound Tour Operator for Tanzania recognized for its quality services and integrity. We are a symbol of luxury and reliability, organizing adventures ranging from 1 – 30 Days for both individuals and/or groups. Contacts: +255 27 2509948, +255 27 2509949, P O Box 2714, Arusha, info@ngorongoro.co.tz

Hoopoe Safaris Description: Safari company specialising in luxury safaris under canvas in Tanzania’s National Parks as well as private areas. We also have a dedicated Kilimanjaro and trekking department for very high quality and safe experiences. Contacts: 250 7011, India Street, Town Center, P.O. Box 2047, Arusha, information@hoopoe.com

JMT African Heart Expeditions Description: Budget and luxury safaris in Tanzania – Horseback and mountainbike safaris – Cultural trekkings – Kilimanjaro climbs – Zanzibar holidays Contacts: 027-250.84.14, 027-250.84.14, Ilboru, P.O. Box 12.155, info@africanheart.com

Classic Tours & Safaris Description: Classic Tours and Safaris provides various safaris and itineraries throughout Tanzania. With a fleet of spacious comfortable vehicles the company has wide experience in tourism within Tanzania. Contacts: +255 (27) 250-7197, 255 (27) 250-8680, P. O. BOX 7302 ARUSHA, TANZANIA, EAST AFRICA, impala@cybernet.co.tz

Ultimate Safaris Ltd Description: Specialized in game safaris with all types of accommodation – permanent tented camps, lodges, as well as classic & budget camping safaris, together with mountain climbing and relaxing in the islands of Zanzibar. Contacts: + 255 744 282181, + 255 254 4177, P. O. Box 1341, ultimatesafaris@habari.co.tz

Mount Kilimanjaro Safari Club – Tanganyika Expeditions Description: We offer tailor made safaris throughout Tanzania, treks, mountain climbing, camping and Zanzibar trips. Over 15 years experience in Tanzania. We have tented camps in Olduvai, Tarangire NP and Serengeti NP exclusively for our guests. Contacts: + 255 27 254 88 69, + 255 27 250 80 72, Po Box 2231 – ARUSHA, laurent@tanganyika.com

Thomson Safaris Description: 25 years experience in Tanzania! Luxury safaris & Kilimanjaro treks featuring finest guides, exclusive, luxury camps & our renowned level of superior service. Custom & group departures bring you to the heart of TZ for an unsurpassed safari experience. Contacts: 00 255 27 254-8551, 00 255 27 254-8494, Box 6074, info@thomsonsafaris.com

Leopard Tours, Ltd Description: Operate 140 safari vehicles, mostly stretched 4×4, with long-range call radios linked to Arusha HQ and offices in Dar es Salaam and Ngorongoro. Services: Lodge & Camping safaris, groups & incentives, beach & Zanzibar, cultural tours, Kilimanjaro trekking Contacts: 255 27 250 8441 – 3, 255 27 250 8219, P O Box 1638, ARUSHA, leopard@yako.habari.co.tz

Amazing Tanzania Description: We are passionate about Tanzania; its people, wildlife and landscapes. We show you Tanzania our way, off the beaten track in true safari fashion – one of our mobile tented camps with experienced and knowledgeable guides. Contacts: +255 27 253 4302, +255 27 253 4308, P O Box 2 Karatu, info@AmazingTanzania.com

BOBBY CAMPING SAFARIS Description: We are a company established long time, based in the tourist capital of Tanzania, Arusha. We specialize in both Camping and Lodges Safaris to all National parks. Holiday & Experience In Tanzania, Let Bobby Camping Safaris be your Choice!! Contacts: ( 255.27) 2503624 / 2544058 / 2544471, ( 255.27) 2544471, BOX 15152 P.P.F. NJIRO ARUSHA,TANZANIA, bobbycamping@habari.co.tz

Tanzania Adventure Description: With 6-8 years experience leading Safaris throughout Tanzania, the staff at Tanzania Adventure knows how to please you. We have offices in Arusha, Zanzibar and Dar es Salaam. Owns a tented camp in the Serengeti, Mapito Tented Camp. Contacts: +255-073-2975210, +255-073-2975210, P.O. Box 10370 Arusha, info@tanzania-adventure.com

KiliTreks and Safaris – climb with local expertise Description: Relish the challenge of Mt Kilimanjaro. We welcome all determined, reasonably fit, adventure seekers to climb Tanzania’s world famous Mt. Safety & service our priorities. Add-on safari or visit to Zanzibar- a truly memorable vacation Contacts: Mob: +255 (0)754 994405, Office T/Fx +255 27 2750277, PO Box: 7731, Moshi, Kilimanjaro, TZ, info@kilitreks-safaris.com

SUN TOURS & TRAVEL LTD. Description: SUN TOURS & TRAVEL LTD based in Zanzibar, has the most experienced tour guides and office staffs are always available to provide very competitive services. We organise spice, city, prison island tours, hotel reservations, safaris in Tanzania mainland. Contacts: +255 24 2239695, +255 747 414196, P.O BOX 484, ZANZIBAR, info@suntoursznz.com

Abercrombie and Kent Tanzania Description: With our own experienced tour staff, plus airport representatives, drivers, guides, camping crews and safari vehicle fleets. Our portfolio extends beyond the traditional safari with innovative African adventures, active safaris and incentive services Contacts: +255 (0) 27 2508346, +255 (0) 27 250 8273, PO Box 427, Arusha, marketing@abercrombiekent.co.tz

Tanzania Tour Operators Heading to a Tanzania safari holiday may seem not simple to every tourist, but for those that have got the chance to visit this great destination will live to tell the beauty of the country. It is endowed with the best wildlife that is not found anyway. A safari to Tanzania will be a wonderful experience. So many people usually ask themselves what kind of safari they should opt for. There are three important safaris to be considered when traveling to Tanzania. 1. Luxury safaris, these are organized by high class people with a lot of money to spend. They always want to live a comfortable life when they are on a safari with the best services offered to them. 2. Private safaris, these are the safaris planned by many tourists, it gives you a chance to visit the park of your choice and also choose the best accommodation stay in. You decide the days to spend in country and you are given a safari vehicle and a tour guide to give information on the different parks. 3. Shared group safaris, these are arranged by people with a low budget and the only to have a successful safari is by joining with other people going for the tour. Some people travel in groups to have social aspect in their safari and great memories. Which parks should you visit? For starters on a safari to Tanzania would recommend you to tour Ngorongoro crater,Serengeti,lake Manyara and the Northern circuit of Tarangire.All these places are exciting with beautiful wildlife and landscape. The southern part of Tanzania also has interesting places to visit for example Selous Game Reserve that is known to be a paradise for the unexploited wildlife in Africa. What kind of accommodation is suitable for visitor? Tanzania’s accommodation ranges from three types and these include; Camping-This is the most adventurous accommodation although it needs brave people because most of the time is spent in the bush discovering wildlife and its vegetation. It’s good for people that love Mother Nature. It’s one of the most cost effective accommodation offered on a safari. Tented camps -These acknowledged to be luxurious camps with better facilities and are structured with strong canvas roofs along with a solid ground to support it. Some people think that is is also budget friendly but truth be told, it’s occupied by people that love wildlife. Majority of the tourists opt for this kind of accommodation, it’s convenient and gives a peace of mind that shows that you are actually away from home. Lodges -Lodges are usually booked fast by many safari goers, reason being that they love comfortable facilities. But with lodges, you may miss seeing some wild animals that move at night because your lodge may be a bit far from the park. Once you decide to go and visit Mother Nature then try to be close to it. Tented camps will make you feel and love the environment. What are the most important items to pack? Traveling to Africa particularly Tanzania will necessitate you to pack safari items for instance sun block, sun glasses, sun lotion and for hats take one  with a wide brim, this is to protect you from the scorching sun of Africa. The color of the clothes you want to pack matter so much, the best colors that favor any safari include beige, brown and khaki. You are advised to pack some short and long trousers, safari boots and shoes along with a warm sweater for evening use. It gets cold during this time. Another essential requirement will be the safari gear that will include a camera, guide books and a pair of binoculars. This helps you to a catch a glimpse of the beautiful attractions that Tanzania has and the experience you get is for a lifetime. What Health precautions can someone take on a safari? Before you think about traveling, you must have a yellow fever vaccine with valid certificate to allow you enter Tanzania. Personal tablets are allowed on a safari to treat you in case you get malaria. Africa has many mosquitoes that may ruin your safari. Selecting a trustworthy tour operator The competition is quite stiff when it comes to choosing the best safari Tanzania Tour Company or operator. A lot of research must be done to enable you get the best and reliable tour operator. I can help you suggest one safari company that am well assured of and that is Africa legends. It has the best safari packages for its tourists and they are budget friendly.Experince the beauty of Tanzania by booking a safari today. This guide offers a comprehensive list of trusted tourism and travel operators and guides.



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