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Welcome to the section of tour operators in Gabon, travel agents, Gabon safari companies and travel advisors or tour guides.
The tourism service providers listed here are basically credible companies belonging to recognised tourism bodies such as Gabon Tourism and so much more.

Gabon from West Africa many not be your usual holiday destination in Africa but trust me, this country is quite an adventure. The diversity of this lush green country is unique and thrilling. This beautiful country is located on the coast of the Atlantic in the equatorial belt making it one of the countries with pleasant weather.
Something you did not know about Gabon is its wildlife. It is one of the very few countries in the world with the lowland gorillas that are also seen in Congo and Cameroon in central Africa. Since 85% of the country is under dense rain forests, Gabon remains a lush habitat for many other animals such as Mandrill, chimpanzees, buffaloes, African forest elephants and hippos. On the coast are seasonal sightings of the humpback whales in July to October while sea leatherback turtles are seen on the shore from November to January. Gorilla trekking and wildlife safaris in Gabon are thus the favorite tourist adventure.
Gabon Tour Operators
Gabon is an emerging power in the field of eco-tourism and is commonly referred to as ‘The Garden of Eden’. Many international tourists have found a home in this lush environment that offers more than wildlife safaris. There are many travel agents and tour operators with holiday and tour packages for Gabon tourists.
Choosing a reputable travel agent for your Gabon holidays is a worthy investment. They handle everything from arranging your holiday, things to do for fun, hotels and accommodation booking, flights and other services. It is very important to find tailored holiday packages to fit within your budget and dream for a perfect holiday in Gabon. Accommodation is Gabon is available in temporary tented camps, rustic cottages, and standard hotels.
Some of the travel agents and tour operators are found on the internet while others have country offices at the airport in Libreville. Expect transfers and pick ups from the airport, flight tickets, sightseeing tours, hotel accommodation and tour guides as part of the holiday package offered by the different tour companies. It is fortunate that many of the travel agents in Gabon offer other tourist holiday packages for other countries in Africa.



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