District; Rukungiri , Kabale and Kisoro

Size; 321km 2

Elevations; 1190-2607a.s.l.

Habitat; Medium –altitude (moist ever-green)forest)forest , montane forest with patches of bamboo (Arundinaria) ,and monatane marshes.

Bird species; 357 species

Timing ; particulary March and september but good year-round
Time required; 1/2day

Key species:
a) Albertine rift Endemics- yellow-eyed Black flycatcher, Blue headed sunbird , Purple- breasted Sunbird , regal Sunbird , Strange Weaver .
b) Other western Bronze- naped Pigeon , Montane (Rwenzori ) Nightjar, Bar tailed Trogon , Black bee eater ,Willcock’s Honeyguide , Black faced Rufous Warbler , Chapin’s Flycatcher , Lagden ‘sBush Shrike, Brown capped Weaver.
BUHOMA ‘The best of Bwindi ’
Time required; 2-3 days

Key species;
a)Albertine Rift endemics- Red _throated Alethe , Archer’s Robin-chat , Kivu Ground Thrush , Montane masked apalis , collared apalis , Grauer’s Warbler , short tailed Warbler , red –faced woodland warbler , yellow eyed black Flycatcher , Rwenzori batis and strange weaver .
b) Other – Western Bronze Naped Pigeon, Dusky And Olive Long Tailed Cuckoos , Fraser’s Eagle Owl , Montane (Rwenzori) Nightjar , Bar-tailed Trogon , Black Bee Eater , Willcock’s Honeyguide Fine-Banded And Eliot’s Wood Peckers ,Grey Chested And Montain Illadopse , White-Bellied Robin-Chat , Forest Ground Trush , Black Faced Rufous Warbler , Chapin’s Flycatcher , Many Coloured Bush Shrike , Brown Capped Weaver , White Collared Olive-Back , Red- Fronted Antpecker And Oriole- Finch . Please note that on your birding trip, you may need birding binoculars, an othinology book for better indentification of Uganda birds. We also encourage you to participate in efforts that encourage avian conservation of Uganda tourism.



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