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The Kigali international Airport is linked to all major cities all over the world for both passenger and cargo handling services. Rwanda as a branded travel safari destination, has a variety of options for your air travel needs. You can easily find cheap tickets to Kigali Rwanda and more often than not, there are direct routes to Rwanda. You can fly to Rwanda cheaply using discount fares for your Rwanda ticket.

On this guide you will find information on Rwanda airlines, and charter services to take you to parks like Masai Mara as well as the flight schedules ( arrival and departure) timetables, airline destinations and ticket information.

Due to competition and demand, airline companies keep coming up with inexpensive travel options time to time so as to get a competitive advantage over the other competitors. Chances are that, a reduction of 10% will increase to twice the number of customers.Tracing Rwanda has not been easy in the past; it’s of late that several airlines are doing business across Rwanda. Because of its fast economic development, Rwanda as a country offers affordable flights to the rest of the countries. The major airlines with flights into Rwanda include.

RWANDA AIR EXPRESS: It’s the country’s leading airline in Rwanda and was set up in 2002, some of the destinations it covers include Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi as well as South Africa. In the past it was known as Rwanda Air not until they joined with silver back cargo freighters than when the names charged to Rwanda air express.

East African Flights: East Africa has been known as the intergovernmental organization which is made up of Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya and Burundi. These countries are working hard to see that they have their own national aviation that operates in the world. They occupy an area of about 700,000 sq miles and with a population of about 125 million people. The land transport is poor in all countries and so these calls for a need to have a reginal travel develop faster along with economies.

There are two unique sections of prospect. With flights into the region and the customary core of Nairobi-Kenya that is internally at a risk from the organized developments at Kigali Rwanda and externally under a threat from the progress of the Ethiopian airlines through Addis Ababa. Another chance is for the inter-regional flights operating in the money-making cities of Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar and Tanzania. Kenya is the second city with Mombasa, Uganda with Entebbe, Burundi, Bujumbura, with the advancing Kigali. All need usual linking air services.

With this fast growing business in the world, the leisure field is also developing with minor airports operating as an entry for the game parks along with the tourists vacations that are becoming popular and frequently visited. Among these include Serengeti, Arusha and lake Manyara in Tanzania, Kilimanjaro Airport, Cyangugu and Gisenyi in Rwanda, Lamu, Kisumu, Masai Mara, Malindi, Lodwar as well as Kitale in Kenya.

Recently Kenya airways is the major airline in East Africa with long heave flights into different destinations, it’s found in Nairobi and recorded as the best achievement in the 90’s.The Dutch airline has also set up a network of flights across Africa with a  big part done in Paris,Asia,London and Amsterdam. Regional airlines are increasing in number with advanced arrangement for development. Wilson air is found in Kenya; close to Nairobi’s second airport. it attracts many visitors to the Masai Mara.

The enlarging affordable regional carrier known as Fly540 is located at Nairobi’s minor airport.Jomo Kenyatta international operates within the region with frequent flights to Entebbe, Arusha, Bujumburra along with the eight airports based in Kenya. Right from Rwanda, the regional carrier Rwanda is developing fast by the support from the National Government and national flights. The North South has a strong link to the South African Markets via Johannesburg.

Tanzania’s major airline is interestingly known as the precision Air, found in Dar es Salaam and serves to destinations like Nairobi, Mombasa, Entebbe and the eight home areas in Tanzania. Least but not last, Air Uganda has also developed at a faster rate as it belongs to Aga Khan. It has specialists from the European airline and of late, Air Uganda flies to Juba in Sudan, Mombassa, Nairobi and Dar es salaam Tanzania.