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The Jomo Kenyatta international Airport is linked to all major cities all over the world for both passenger and cargo handling services. Kenya as a branded travel safari destination, has a variety of options for your air travel needs. You can easily find cheap tickets to Nairobi Kenya and more often than not, there are direct routes to Kenya. You can fly to Kenya cheaply using discount fares for your ticket.

On this guide you will find information on Kenya airlines, and charter services to take you to parks like Masai Mara as well as the flight schedules ( arrival and departure) timetables, airline destinations and ticket information.

Due to competition and demand, airline companies keep coming up with inexpensive travel options time to time so as to get a competitive advantage over the other competitors. Chances are that, a reduction of 10% will increase to twice the number of customers.

If one of the airlines has larger market share for a specific route, in order to attract passengers to that destination, the other airlines have to lower the flight fare.
It is therefore essential to look around comparatively due to these factors, regardless of whether you use travel agents or search the net for a range of process and services. Take the challenge to make the cheapest and best airline your deal.

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London is by far the best departure point for Kenya from the British Isles,with direct flights to Nairobi seven times a week from Heathrow with both Kenya Airways and British Airways,taking around nine hours.Fares start at around £ 400 with British Airways if booked early and about £ 420 with Kenya Airways. You can book up to twelve months in advance .A cheaper option is an indirect flight,with prices starting from as little as £ 250 return .Airlines worth considering include Egyptair via Cairo,Ethiopian Airlines via Addis Abiba,ElAl via Israel,and Gulf Air,Emirates or Saudia via the Gulf, as well as KLM via the Netherlands.There are no other direct scheduled flights from any British Airport other than Heathrow,your choice from most regional being either BA via London or KLM via Amsterdam.There are also several charter operators with whom you can get seats – only to Mombasa -out of London or Manchester from around £ 350 .These normally come with accommodation ,which at the budget end does not effect the price much,but you can also get “seat only” flight deals.Any travel agent will have details. Flying from Ireland,there are convinient through-connections from Dublin on British Airways daily via London Gatwick(overnight) and KLM via Amsterdam(Mon,Wed and Fri).From Belfast,the only good connections are on British Airways daily via London Gatwick(overnight).Because of the small time difference – Kenya is two hours ahead of the British Isles in summer,three in the winter – you won’t experience any jet lag.