Beaches in Entebbe,Uganda

Uganda’s Beaches in Entebbe

Where are the Best Beaches in Uganda;Entebbe?

Although Kampala is Uganda’s capital city, the international airport is not found there. It is located in Entebbe, 24 miles from the capital. Although Kampala has numerous vibrant activities and experience a lot of traffic jam, Entebbe on the other hand lies on Lake Victoria’s showers and experiences a slower pace of life. Along its dirty roads, you will find some farmers moving with their hoes while the birds resting in the trees echo melodious songs. The children flashing happy smiles will continuously smile at any white skinned people screaming “muzungu’. The distinct feel of this tropical African beach town is a very relaxing introduction to any one visiting Uganda the pearl of Africa.

Entebbe is among the leading towns in the hospitality business in Uganda; before independence this town was the administrative capital of the republic of Uganda in 1962

The road that comes from the airport takes you near Lake Victoria’s shores which are characterized by beautiful sandy beaches seen by the side of the road.

We arrived at the airport by 3:00am and checked into Sunset Entebbe guest house having no idea of the time zone we had traveled into. The staff at the Sunset Entebbe guest house were extremely hospital and in fact made it in time for the 3:30am pickup from the airport.

In the morning after a satisfying breakfast of eggs , coffee and bananas for which Uganda is famed, we set out walking along the beaches of the freshwater Lake Vitoria; the walk is safe. As I started my day, I knew that the beaches would not be outstandingly impressively, however whatever the beaches didn’t have in tropical deluxe, is all made up for by their uniqueness.

Where is Aero Beach in Uganda?

At Aero Beach which is a private facility located adjacent to the UN airstrip , the furnishings included wildlife statues made of plastic plus an aircraft.  Moving down to the lake shore, the sand seemed to have a sugary consistence similar to the beaches found in Hawaii. Stepping into the water is a nother experience; sadly the bilharzia transmitting parasite is known to be common in this part of the lake, and it can enter whichever skin they contact in the water and these can live in the human liver plus other organs for close to ten years.

Adventuring and Experience at Ugandan Beaches,in Entebbe;Swimming,beach volleyball,Music

The shores of lake Victoria greatly vary in size. Actually research shows that this is the largest freshwater lake in the whole of Africa and it is shared by the three countries of Eastern Africa which are: Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

Also the research I conducted revealed that other than the places along the shoreline which have been developed into recreational beaches, the rest of the shoreline is surrounded by papyrus plus some cultivated gardens managed by the heavy population of people who stay along the shore. Many of the people that stay around this lake greatly depend on it for survival as they obtain food (fish), acquire water for domestic use as well as water for their gardens.

Around the lake there are numerous signs that caution guests about the dangers of swimming in the lake, however, we saw some people fetching water from the lake as well.

We also saw some children working close to the water shores as they gathered numerous snail shells. The shelled where washed up to the lake shore by the water waves, and these on collecting them are crashed  and then mixed with come corn to make chicken feed. They use locally made brooms to gather and pile the shells before packing them in bags to be transported away.  Looking up at the cliff that looked over the beach, I could see cows feasting on some of the snail harvest.

Besides the cattle another commonly seen animal is the goat. The security guard at Aero Beach was kind enough to show us a path that connected to the next beach; it was a muddy path with cow pasture near the shoreline. Other than the women we saw washing their clothes, there were also children fetching water in buckets. Not so far from where we were, we also saw a camel walking in solitude near the water line. Its seemed as though the camel was the officer on guard to patrol the beach.

I will simply put it that if you have never been chased by a wild camel- its raging drills forcing you to sprint through the water that is filled with parasites, there isn’t  anything like the feeling of thinking if you are about to be kicked by strong hoof of the camel right in the face.

Putting aside the experience we had with the camel, my best experience during my adventure in Entebbe was when the little children where happily waving at us and their beautiful faces were lit up with broad smiles. All the corners of Entebbe you will visit ranging from the areas with cow pasture and littered with dung, to the beaches dotted with shells, you will see the dark skinned beautiful Ugandans smiling and waving at you with so much joy. Uganda is a very hospital country with a people that joyful welcomes all its guests and Entebbe town is a very relaxing place to be during your stay in Uganda the pearl of Africa.



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