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The Usambara Mountains in north-eastern Tanzania, divide into East Usambaras, which end in the coastal area before Tanga, and the West Usambaras with Lushoto, the biggest town in the Usambaras, which was called Wilhelmsthal during the German colonial time.

Many lovers of flowers will know the African violet which was discovered at the end of the 19th century and then started its triumphant spread around the world. The Usambara Mountains extend parallel to the Kenyan boarder in the north. Tanzania Safari

These mighty mountains come up to an altitude of more than 2,000 meters. Above 2,000 meters even slight frost might occur, visible as a very thin layer on standing water. Many tourists are suprised to find a climate similar to that of Europe in the higher regions in contrast to the hot and dusty Maasai plains.

Wonderful wanderings through forests, to waterfalls, plantations and up to various view points from where there is a fantastic view to the plains. On a clear day, even Kilimanjaro can be seen from the outermost western part.
Several restful lodges offer a pleasant setting for retrieve after a strenuous safari.

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