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Welcome to the online guide for the finest of all hotels in Tanzania. You will find perfect information on beach hotels, motels and holiday apartments information. all budgets have been mentioned here, cheap hotels, luxury, budget and mid-range options. Where to Stay in Tanzania.

Tanzania Hotels Reviews

Reviews of hotels in Tanzania, location, price, room availability, restaurant and food, accommodation type and so much more. Articles, rating and reviews of hotels and accommodation in Tanzania.

For many generations, Tanzania has existed as a country full of adventure & discovery. With Serengeti’s vast open Savanna, the stunning Ngorongoro Crater, the endless vast water body; Lake Victoria and the white-sandy beaches on Zanzibar, the country certainly has something wonderful to cater for cater for holiday makers of whatever age-group.

In a diverse country like Tanzania, there are unavoidably wide spectrums of accommodation facilities to offer. This article will detail on the various hotel/accommodation type to guide you in choosing smartly while visiting the country.

Tented Camps

On hearing “Tented Camps”, what usually crosses one’s mind is a traditional 2-3 individuals tend used when camping in the local areas. Factually, this is far from reality. Tented camps in this country are composed of semi permanent or permanent structures well facilitated and serviced as a Five Star Hotel with king sized, 4poster beds, baths, power sockets, showers and sinks.
The only difference between an ordinary hotel room and a tented-camp room is that the roof & wall are finished with canvas which best camouflages them into the bush environment.
Guest Houses

For low budget travelers, guest houses usually substitute hotels and you don’t have to share rooms with strangers. They are usually self-catering and the available facilities are very ordinary with a bed, communal shower and a toilet. They are clean simple places and very comfortable to rest after a long day’s adventure.
Beach Hotels & Resorts

That differentiates Tanzania is the outstanding Zanzibar. Characterized by crystal clear waters lined with white-sandy beaches, this place is an ecstasy of wonder. The severely contrasting vegetation cover from Tanzania’s mainland results into a distinctive hotel style. The place is elegantly endowed with stunning palm trees and a characteristic Mediterranean feel with luxurious swimming pools, dhow motivated furniture, barefoot lifestyle and simplicity.
Business Hotels

The country has a booming economy and is one among those with the topmost GDP growth rate in the whole world. Because of this, it’s cities like Dar Es Salaam & Arusha have turned into business centers for each industry. This has resulted into an increased number of hotels to cater for the business industry and these are well managed by professionals familiar with the needs of western businessmen/women. Standard rooms with cable T.V and good room service are an assurity the visitor will receive profession, consistent and reliable services with extra services like Wi-Fi internet, and or conference rooms.
Standard Hotels

Certainly available are also basic hotels to cater for average-budget traveler offering the basic facilities. Some of the internationally renowned hotel chains in this country are: Sheraton, Hilton and Kempinski and traveler can be assured of receiving equal services in the hotels as it is in any other of these in other countries.
There are close to 300 bona fide hotels in Tanzania whose scores keep growing each passing year. For that reason therefore be certain that you will obtain accommodation that suits your budget, preference and needs. Pleasure in having a holiday in wonder Tanzania!



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