Tanga and Pangani Safari Tanzania

Tanga and Pangani Region, the coastal country in the north-east. This strip with its wonderful broad beaches, south of Tanga up to Pangani and beyond, matches the beauty and splendour to that of the beaches on the island of Zanzibar.

There are a several beach-front lodges located along the coast which offer guests a very pleasant stay in a quiet scenic surroundings. One might think the beach belongs to oneself. This region is especially suitable for tourists who would want to spend some enjoyable and pleasant days at the ocean. Besides the lovely beaches the guests can go out on an Ngalawa, a medium sized fishing boat, and snorkel by the reef in crystal-clear waters.

The Amboni Caves are north of Tanga, a cave system with an area of 234 km² which extends to Mombasa in Kenya. They are cosidered the biggest cave system in East Africa. These limestone caves were once washed out by the ocean.

The town of Tanga was the scene of a big battle during the first world war. There still exist many buildings from the German colonial time. As tourism isn’t wide-spread, it’s no problem to walk in town without being bothered by anybody and then enjoy some samusas (hot minced meat or vegetables in a thin pocket of dough) in a local restaurant.



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