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Selous Game Reserve Park Safari Tanzania Tour
Size: about 48,000 km²
Location: about 200 km south- west of Dar es Salaam.
Selous, with an area as big as Austria, can be considered Tanzania’s most superlative park. The region covers 6% of the land area of Tanzania. Due to its terrific areas of untouched nature, mainly consisting of Miombo woodlands, as well as savannas with woodland and open grass plains.

Selous is the greatest and at the same time Africa’s wildest game protected area. It protects more than one million big animals. More than 60,000 elephants, 150,000 buffaloes as well as the endangered black rhino, African wild dogs, Liechtenstein hatrebeest, sable antelopes and greater kudu live here.

Due to the large amount of lakes and especially the Rufiji River, there is an abundance of crocodiles and hippos. Typical for this park are the big amount of Doum and Borassus palm trees. The inland delta of the Rufiji River, regarded as the heart of Selous, can certainly be compared with the Okavango Delta in Botswana.

Until now only the northern part is suitable for photo safaris, due to the prohibition of hunting only in this part. And because of the density of vegetation and restrictive network of roads, watching animals at close range isn’t as good as in some other game parks. On the other hand, it has more untouched wilderness areas to explore.



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