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Lake Natron Tour Safari Tanzania

This lake without any outlet is situated in the north of Tanzania where its northern part ends in Kenya. It could be considered as a hot kettle in interior Tanzania. This shallow lake, about 60 km long and 20 km broad, is the only breeding place for the flamingos in the rift valley.

The purple violet and red brown colouring of big parts of the lake are caused by algaes and purple bacterias. These are the nutritional basis for the flamingos, who build their nest mounds on the water surface. Periodically, Lake Natron dries out completely whereby its white surface resembles the desert in Arizona. Tanzania Safari

On the eastern side of the lake is the massive Mount Gelai with a height of 2,941 m. The top regions are covered with a pleasant cool jungle which is an ideal haven for animals, such as: elephant, buffalo, leopard, bushbuck, and a variety of other species.

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