Tanzania Culture and Art , Traditional paintings

Traditional carvings and pottery, metal workmanship and blacksmith art possess (besides their functional value) a connection to religion and mythology. Many older objects of art find their actual application in rites and festivals, combined with dance, music, songs and religious festivals and offerings. Wooden carvings and sculptures that are offered to tourists are not traditional in east Africa. This handcraft was introduced by the Arabians, Indians and the Europeans in the 19th century. The Makonde from the Rovuma area Tanzania Safari produce the abstract On the other, hand pottery goes back a long ways. Traditional pottery is made without any potter’s wheel and is mostly done by women. Ornaments are either cut in, painted or moulded and are produced using an open fire. Painting is a relatively new art (1960’s) mainly due to the tourist demand. Traditional music in east Africa is an element of dance, religion and rituals. The most important instruments are the drum and marimba. The Kisuaheli word ngoma describes everything that has to do with musical performances, but it also is the word for drums.

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