Uganda Bowling Game

In Uganda, bowling is one of the most common activities done. For many years, this activity has seen people gathering the evenings for fun and to fellowship. Sporadically, an individual will develop the interest of becoming a not only a casual bowler but stand up into a competing bowler. So if someone makes up their mind and dedicates themselves into the game, it will be good if they got their own equipment. Having the right equipment will not only make you a good bowler but a great one at that.
As a bowler one of the most important things that you should learn is how to pick the ball. House balls are very good for starters while for one who bowls regularly and wants to perfect  their skills, they need consistency. Remember every ball has a varying spin and distinct rolling characterizing. Therefore choosing different balls with varying weight and hole-pattern will definitely affect one’s game.
Different material is used to make bowling balls although normally they are composed of reactive plastic/resin. Before they were made from  rubber although these balls are no longer common anymore. Both reactive plastic and the resin balls posses similar features when thrown both are available at the standard 6 – 16 pound sizes.  There are varying sizes of up to 20 pounds but during tournaments and league games, nothing beyond 16 pounds is considered legal. The difference between the reactive rein and plastic balls is so small and for that reason the type of ball depends on the bowler.

There are a maximum of 5 finger holes on the bowling ball. When on is buying a customized ball, it is advised to have the finger holes that are drilled on the ball customized too.  Since everyone has different finger sizes, having a ball that fits your fingers will greatly help in your game. Proper spacing between the finger holes is a bonus as it will ease in releasing the ball. To add to the spacing, there are 3 finger-hole types: the convectional, fingertip and the semi finger-tip. With convectional, the bowler fixes all their fingers into the ball hole, giving them greater control with less accuracy. With finger tip, you only insert the fist knuckle in the hole giving you better accuracy. And for semi finger tip, it is somewhat between the 2 categories.
Bowling balls are a vital requirement among the equipment of a bowler. Having a good quality ball will positively affect your game. So if purchasing any bowling equipment, always consider purchasing a bowling ball as the first necessity. There are additional pieces to purchase so as to perfect you play but a bowling ball should be priority.

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