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bahai temple

The Bahai Temples

The Bahai faith has been founded for over 100 years and it’s a phenomenal on its own. The Bahai Temple and faith has been established in more than 204 countries worldwide and it normally preaches of unity and love. The Bahai House of worship also referred to as the Dawning Place of the mention of God is a place where most of the people go for healing, relaxation and they want to also include education

Rubaga Cathedral

Places of Worship in Uganda

Places of worship refer to structures or buildings where people from the different religions gather to honor their religious beliefs and praise God. Sometimes the places of worship are referred to as Temples although this does not apply to churches and synagogues. There are very many religions in Uganda and all these have where to go when it comes to prayer and these places of worship vary with religion and the time they have spent

Uganda Churches and Organisation

Where to catch Sunday service in Uganda? Where can I praise and worship from in Uganda? Life Ressurection Centre Nsambya Kevina 71966,Kampala Kampala African Harvest Mission Luzira Road 8468,Kampala Kampala   041-4221245, 041-4220931 Church of Uganda (Kampala Diocese) – Office Akii Bua Road Nakasero Hill 335,Kampala Kampala 041-4342601, 041-4347840, 031-2114610 All Saints’ Cathedral Akii Bua Road Nakasero Hill 414,Kampala Kampala 041-4342128 John Paul II Justice & Peace Centre 1964 Kabega Road Nsambya 31853,Kampala Kampala 041-4267372,