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How safe Am I in Uganda? Kampala safety I had a pal residing in Kampala who was hosting some people from  U.S. that where visiting him this past year. These specific visitors had mothers who were extremely fearful. While on phone with one of the previously mentioned mothers this friend of mine friend attempted to assuage her worries by saying “to be truthful mum, you son has approximately a 50/50 possibility of returning from here

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Safety in Uganda, Security Companies, Guards and Patrol Services

Safe Solutions Limited Luthuli Avenue,plot 55,Bugolobi. we supply,install and maintain fire,safety and security systems. 0414695100 G4S Security Services Uganda 53 Lumumba Avenue Nakasero 4443,Kampala Kampala 041-4344444 041-4340852 Askar Security Services 136 Bukoto Street 7545,Kampala Kampala 041-4286309 Security 2000 Ltd. Kabale Road Mbarara Mbarara 077-4778550 Security Group (U) Ltd. 21 Mackinnon Road 20097,Kampala Kampala 031-2244441, 041-7114400 Supreme Security Ltd. 50 Bukoto Street 11482,Kampala Kampala 041-4533495, 041-4533496 Armor Group 53 Lumumba Avenue Nakasero Hill 7575,Kampala Kampala 041-4250256,

Uganda Security Equipment,Accessories and Systems

Who are the Service Providers for Security Equipment in Uganda? Where in Uganda can I access Security equipment,Accessories and Systems? A & S Electronics Ltd. 2 Colville Street Katatumba Suites 34163,Kampala Kampala 041-4341681, 071-2848543 Portadome Ltd. 1001 Ggaba Road Nsambya Susie House 3545,Kampala Kampala 031-2264072, 031-2264073 Logix Technical Solutions 8 Kanjokya Street Kamwokya 9490,Kampala Kampala   031-2264657, 041-4532111 Zenith Electronic Security & Communication 39A Lumumba Avenue Nakasero Mukwasi House Ground f 11045,Kampala Kampala 041-4250815, 041-4250815,

Uganda Fire Protection Equipment and Services

What are the fire safety and Protection measures in Uganda?;fire protection equipment and services What are the emergency contacts in case of a fire in Uganda? Securex Agencies (U) Ltd. 56 Luthuli Avenue 40143,Kampala Kampala 041-4223196/7, 031-2262729 Securex Agencies (U) Ltd. 56 Luthuli Avenue 40143,Kampala Kampala International Fire Services Ltd. 73 1st Street Industrial Area 10602,Kampala Kampala 041-4232169, 041-4347558/9, 077-2481555 Fire Masters Ltd. 101 Kakungulu Road Kibuli 3887,Kampala Kampala 041-4258912 Booth Fire Services Ltd. 59