iPhone 11 Pro in Uganda

The iPhone 11 Pro was introduced on the market in September 2019 and it was revealed with the iPhone Pro Max. The iPhone 11 Pro Max has similar features like the iPhone XS and the only thing that distinguishes it from the iPhone XS is the third camera which is found at the rear.

The iPhone 11 Pro is quite expensive and for some people it will be like breaking through all your savings to get it on the market from the different shops that have t. however it is a good phone to have especially during these trending times of social media and internet.

The features of the iPhone 11 Pro

The iPhone 11 Pro has different features that have been improved on from the last release of the XS phone and these ease on the use of the phone.

The Camera

  • Triple lens camera

The triple lens camera is a 12-megapixel which has a 120 degrees advantage while taking photos. It also has a night mode feature which is helpful when you are taking photos especially when you are in a place that has low lighting. The night mode is automatic when the phone detects that there is not enough light for the camera to take a god photo.

  • Video

The video feature has a stereo sound record, HDR and a 1080p@ 30/60 and 120/240fps. It is a very good quality output that can also record short films.

  • The selfie camera

The selfie camera is a dual type with HDR, a 4K@24/30/60fps and it is 3d and 23mm wide.


  • Colors, the iPhone 11 pro comes in different colors that is the Matte silver, the Matte Midnight green , the Matte space Gray and Matte Gold.
  • Models, at the moment there are three models of iPhone 11 Pro phones and these are the A2215, A2217 and A2160.
  • Prices, the prices of the iPhone 11 pro is different and it depends on the RAM and other specifications. The prices of the 11 Pro in Uganda include the following but note that this is just an average estimate and the prices differ depending on where you will get it from.

iphone11 pro

Iphone 11 pro Prices in Uganda

Phone type Prices/ UGX
iPhone 11 Pro-4GB RAM, 64GB


4, 450,000
iPhone 11Pro-4GB RAM, 512GB 4, 450,000
iPhone 11 Pro-4GB RAM, 256GB 5, 050,000


The battery

  • The talk time for the battery is 18 hours.
  • It a Li-ion non-removable battery that is 3046mAh
  • You can play music for at least 65 hours
  • It has wireless charging, when you charge using a USB, it powers to about 2.0W and a normal charger powers 18W in 30 minutes.

Sound system

It has a loudspeaker feature which plays with stereo speakers. The one feature that is missing on the iPhone 11 pro is the 3.5mm Jack.

Communication system

  • The Browser

It uses the HTML%5 browser and it also has the Siri natural language which carries out commands on diction. You will need to be more articulate while giving out your command.

  • Messaging

The messaging system has Push mail, iMessage, MMS, Email and the normal threaded view of SMS.

  • Sensors

It has a barometer, Face ID, proximity, accelerometer and a compass. It also has a haptic touch which is unlike the other apple phones that have a 3D touch, the iPhone 11 Pro has a haptic touch.

Where to buy the iPhone 11 pro in Kampala

There are different phone stores within Kampala from where you can get the iPhone 11 pro and below are the most common places which you can check out.

The iPhone shop Uganda

Located along Wilson Road in Kampala and it is an authorized distributor of many Apple phones. They do delivery anywhere you want for a small fee and you can call to find out more or shop from their website.

  • Wilson road, Kampala
  • Closes at 7:30pm every day
  • +256705237770

Appleshop Uganda

This is an electronics shop where you can also do some shopping of the iPhone 11 Pro.

  • Location: kalungi Plaza along William street
  • Time: opens at 8:00am and closes at 7:30 pm
  • Contact: +256701225585


Elite digital solutions

The Elite digital solution is a home to all apple products in Kampala from phones to air pods, accessories and so many more other products. Below is their contact detail:

  • Location: village Mall Bugolobi, Luthuli Avenue
  • Time: closes at 6:30pm
  • Contact: +256393110054
  • Email: sales@eltecomputers.co.ug


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