What Would Magufuli Do? whatwouldmagufulido WWMD

What Would Magufuli Do?
The hash tag, #whatwouldmagufulido or #WWMD is currently trending in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda! The reason is simple, the new sworn in Tanzania president, Magufuli Pombe has put in place principles and practise that are mean to control the spending habits of government of Tanzania. It was all over news when Magufuli decided to scrape off the country’s independence day celebration in preference to curbing the cholore epidemic that had hit the mainland Tanzania. He also imposed a strict ban of Government officials taking foreign trips

As a result, the hilarious tweets have taken the storm with thoughts of cutting costs in any given situation.
Some anonymous source has created a new vocabulary

So What Would Magufuli Do Next?

1. To render, or declare action faster and cheaper
2. To deprive (public Officials) of their capacity to enjoy life on tax payers expense.
3. To terrorize lazy and corrupt individuals in the society.

What would Magufuli Do?

So my friends, with you a nice magufulified time with the recent tweets below!!