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According to Fred Allen, a popular American comedian, “A celebrity is a person who works hard all his life to become well known, then wears dark glasses to avoid being recognised.” Here in this article, you will either agree or disagree with him. Ugandan celebrities like those from other parts of the worldare people usually attached with so much public attention, they may include royalty, socialites, actors, artists, sports stars and many others. It is

What Would Magufuli Do? whatwouldmagufulido WWMD

What Would Magufuli Do? The hash tag, #whatwouldmagufulido or #WWMD is currently trending in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda! The reason is simple, the new sworn in Tanzania president, Magufuli Pombe has put in place principles and practise that are mean to control the spending habits of government of Tanzania. It was all over news when Magufuli decided to scrape off the country’s independence day celebration in preference to curbing the cholore epidemic that had

Uganda Dogs and Pets

Can I adopt a Dog or Pet in Uganda? Adopting a whole new dog may be one of life’s really satisfying pleasures. You are getting a brand-new member into your household as well as watching it while it grows. Dog ownership within Kampala could be a really more difficult to get around than in other countries. The Shops plus vets are usually harder to locate and off-leash recreational areas are almost nonexistent. Even so, with