Uganda Human Resource Consultant, Training, Recruitment and Management

A directory to Human Resource Consultants,Trainers and Management companies in Uganda

Resource Team (U) Ltd.

43 Bukoto Street Kamwokya 1201,Kampala Kampala


Java Consulting Ltd.

116 Bukoto Street Kamwokya 2979,Kampala Kampala

041-4533216, 041-4533217

Manpower Services (U) Ltd.

4 Jinja Road Social Security House, 3rd Floor 29696,Kampala Kampala

041-4234426/7, 075-2937822

NORDIC Consulting Group (U) Ltd.

91 Buganda Road 22690,Kampala Kampala


Huass Consult Ltd.

52 Kampala Road King Fahd Plaza 35247,Kampala Kampala


Aclaim Africa Ltd.

M99 Nakasero Hill Lane 7202,Kampala Kampala

041-4231040, 041-4340086

Lorimak Africa Uganda

8 Nakasero Lane Kisozi complex, Annex Building 2nd 33669,Kampala Kampala


Ernst & Young

18 Clement Hill Road Shimoni Office Village Ernst 7215,Kampala Kampala


Future Options Consulting Ltd.

17/19 Kampala Road Diamond Trust Building 4th Floo 34934,Kampala Kampala

041-4231204/6, 031-2265028/9

Human recourse Management in Uganda,How it is done?

Human resource is best described as persons who come up with a workforce of an organization for instance business fields or labour economics. The aim of human resource is to take over responsibilities of implementing policies as well as strategies relating to the company. In short, it’s abbreviated as HR. Human Resource Consultants endeavor to meet people’s needs of a company in a way that gratifies the interests of the company along with the work force.HR consulting plays a role of offering guidance to the organization on issues associated with human resource efficiency.

Quite often HR Consulting agency is divided into extensive areas for instance Recruitment, compensation management, system implementation as well as business process evaluation. Its nearly connected to numerous disciplines such as informational technology, legal laws concerning personnel management, accounting and finance along with general management. It encloses distinctive elements of resource management like talent management, employee attitude and behavior, legal counseling, human capital, outsourcing human capital, retirement policies in addition to health benefits.

HR consulting works hard to see that it helps the company develop whichever size it’s in. It offers important information that will benefit the organization whether it has just started or has been in existence for some time. It centers its role on thriving concerns as well as performance of a human resource sector in a company. For currently upcoming companies, the consultancy gives procedures on setting up and execution of rules and polices associated to personnel management. For moderate organizations, HR Consultancy can easily help in increasing efficiency of workers by encouraging them to take up small courses that benefit them and work. Lastly for big companies, HR consultants carry out a crucial role of setting up a complaint mechanism procedure as well as arranging the HR sector to perform to its ability for the organization.

HR Consulting helps a company to come up with rules along with methods to solve personnel problems. Its major role is to ensure that the personnel of the sector get to know the responsibilities and duties assigned. In general, custumers that appoint services of companies get problems in particular fields of human resource tasks and still the consultant must endeavor to solve the issues that may hinder the company’s development.Occasionally, HR consultant services are called upon to boast the HR department or even restore the HR roles of the company. Furthermore they help companies work on how to reduce on the expenses by bring in valuable HR plans along with enhance the human force working in the organization.

A company can possibly have numerous profits by employing services of human resource firms. Some of them work towards catching the attention of the experienced workforce as well as coming with reward plans for workers to motivate them .Thus we are simply say that the human resources consulting firm helps a company to exploit its full potential of its precious resource and also to stimulate the workforce of a company to have their dreams come true.