Uganda Kitchen Ware and Acessories

What do I need for my Kitchen ware in my Ugandan Home?

A kitchen nurtures the well being of every one in a home. Every woman or home maker spends more than 3 times in the kitchen preparing meals and diner for the family and it is only fair that this one room in a home is given a deserving look!
Kitchen accessories give a comfortable and warm feeling to an empty kitchen. There are many accessories to decorate the home kitchen ranging from basic kitchen décor to pure antique items collected from different travel destinations around the world. Away from the vintage look of clustered drawers, you need something more modern and appealing to the eye.
Fitted sinks and running water are first priority for every home! Sinks make cleaning easier and more other kitchen activities that need water more convenient. These come in a variety of shapes, sizes with disposal bins, sieves and others are divided into compartments. While shopping for kitchen sinks, look out for glossy stainless steel.
The list of kitchen accessories is overwhelming. Some items are created to give space to your kitchen while other are created to leave a lasting impression on your visitors and the time you spend in your kitchen.

Kitchen Items and ware to help you prepare the Ugandan delicacy

Cooking ware and accessories such as pans, knives are other important items for kitchens. Stain steel is preferred since they are hygienic and easier to clean. Separate pans should be tailored to prepare certain dishes.
Drawers and storage areas decongest and conceal dust from stained your cutlery, utensils and food. Drawer dividers are modern equipment to create compartments and a neat look to a formerly clustered kitchen. You can separate the utensils from the cutlery so that you do not get confused and break things in your kitchen while searching for other things.
An option from the vintage drawers is Wire storage. Wires and chrome rails are used to hold foils, platters, canned items, cups, plates and other items.  There are artistic designs for chrome rails that will give a beautiful look to your kitchen yet serving the original purpose of storage! Wire and chrome storage creates more working space in the kitchen.
Glass doors for up cupboards give a neat look to your kitchen.  Experiment with colors and stained glass for your kitchen tables, cabinet or fridge. As long as kids won’t be able to destroy your kitchen décor, glass works well with putting colors and kitchen supplies in easy to see chambers.

What other important accessories and items do I need to have in my Kitchen?

Other important accessories to buy for your kitchen include weighing scales, electronic items like blenders & mixers, knives, chopping boards, serving trays, dining table décor/centre pieces and bottle openers among others.
There are many retail stores with the kind of accessories you are looking such as furniture but you can as well look online for more creative kitchen décor and accessories. Online stores are loaded with plenty of modern & quality items on the market at giveaway prices. Check the different websites or online directories for the list of manufacturers, retail stores, online show room and details for shipping of goods.

A guide to where to buy Kitchen ware and accessories in Uganda

Dial-A-Gas Ltd.

87 Jinja Road Industrial Area, 1st Street 26896,Kampala Kampala

041-4375777, 077-2904096

Shumuk Investment Ltd.

24 Mukabya Road Nakawa Industrial Area 6552,Kampala Kampala

041-4286282, 041-4287228

Alfa-Asia Trading

s Kampala


Alfa-Asia Trading

P.O box 31275 Kampala 6 Namirembe Road Near Nakivubo Stadium Kampala