Uganda Interior Designers and Decorators

What is Interior Designing and Decoration all about in Uganda?

A fresh look to your home or office is simple way of portraying style and class and there is no better way to earn this plus than getting interior decoration. Interior designing is an art of using art pieces, prints and a variety of items to make rooms look elegant.
It is important that before getting an interior designer on the job, you decide on the art and styles you want to enhance the room. There are plenty of designs with abstracts to nature, art and illusionary designs. These and more can be carefully blending into harmonious designs that portray personality, style and tranquility.
Interior décor and designing is all about playing with shades and colors. Each season comes with particular shades and trends. Today and for new more years to come, it is the vibrant colors that give rooms and exciting new feel.

What is the best Interior design that can be used to suit Ugandan Seasons?

Interior designs thus demands that each season brings new painting for the walls and ceiling, intricate art pieces, clothing, material, upholstery and more details into the room! Soft colors with a touch of bold details are in vogue and appealing!
Incorporate great ideas on lighting and electrical to bring a new look to your home office or house. Lighting can be used to create more spacious rooms depending on the arrangement of furniture. Decorative lamps, chandeliers and spot lights all have a good impact if used creatively. Windows and other sources of natural lights create harmony and peace in rooms while candles are romantic!
In a new era of technology and software, it is easier to get new ideas and designs for the office or homes. The internet has great ideas on interior décor while software engineers are working hard to create easy to use computer programs that create designs with simple clicks! Besides, you can find several manufactures with the items you need to make a wholesome new look. Some of such items include curtains, door handles, furniture, carpets, lights and more.
Now that you know all these details, the question you are left with is where you are going to do your shopping! Retail stores almost have everything you need for your interior design project from furniture, upholstery, lights and art pieces but they could be lacking the latest items.
Online stores are the next best option with incredible décor items and ideas to copy! The only constraint with online shopping would be your budget and the wide spectrum of options to choose from.
Interior décor and designing doesn’t have to be an expensive project…it is all about getting the right person and idea that blends well into your lifestyle. There are people that have pursued careers in the field of professional interior designing and these will do a good job for you. A good interior designer will have customer’s details and preferences at the back of her mind throughout every project.
There are plenty of schools and institutes that offer degrees and hands on training in the field of interior décor and design. However, you do not need to be trained in interior design to give your home or office a new look, innovation and creative minds can manipulate few ideas to create remarkable looks!

A Directory to Interior Designers and Decorators in Uganda;contact address and Location

Interior Technologies Ltd.

122/124 7th Street Industrial Area Next to Club Si 37161,Kampala Kampala

041-4258493, 041-4233265

Lilyann Ltd.

3 – 5 Bombo Road Next to Sure House Emka House 9715,Kampala Kampala


Board City Ltd.

15B 7th Street Industrial Area 5009,Kampala Kampala

041-4252316, 031-2264338

Katumba Furniture & Construction (U) Ltd.

68/70 Jinja Road Lugogo Show Ground 6648,Kampala Kampala


Space Registration

2 Kyadondo Road Nakasero 3842,Kampala Kampala

Biplous (U) Ltd.

62 Kampala Road 2876,Kampala Kampala

041-4233611, 031-2262801

Symbion Uganda Ltd.

14 Parliament Avenue Jubilee Insurance Plaza, 7th 7671,Kampala Kampala

031-2260252, 041-4251142, 041-4349065

Decor Plus Ltd.

8 – 10 Kampala Road/Nkrumah Road Uganda House, Sho 1855,Kampala Kampala

041-4250064, 041-4346867

Nina Interiors Ltd.

41 Jinja Road Nina House 16388,Kampala Kampala

Flex Impressions

Bukoto – Ntinda Road Opp. Kadic Hospital Kampala Kampala

041-4574067, 077-2406122