Uganda Furniture Stores, Fitting and Accessories

After building your new home or getting a new office, the first thing that comes to mind is the furniture you are going you to use to give your new place a touch of luxury and style. There is plenty of furniture sold in retail stores and online outlets. It comes in a wide spectrum of quality and designs for office, kitchen, living room and bedroom in either metal or wood. Nevertheless, as you choose your Uganda furniture, take a keen interest into what blends well with your lifestyle!
Wooden furniture is sometimes more expensive than the other types of furniture. It is often quality timber that is used to get the office equipment, dining tables, chairs and beds. Everyone wants quality furniture that will last for a lifetime with the same look it keeps over the years.
If you are into metallic furniture, your choice should take into account the light furniture that would be easy to fit when you want to change the arrangement.  Often this type of furniture is crowned with wood to give it a vintage look making it more classy and stylish. Metallic furniture is particularly good for the offices since it takes little space and can be moved more easily.

Tips before buying any Kind of Furniture

When buying your furniture, there are a few things you need to consider. Quality furniture is always defined by the manufacturer. World renowned furniture markers always have the best furniture is a variety of styles, shades, wood and types. There are special materials used to make sofas, beds, chairs, dressers and office chairs. While shopping, look out for modern and quality furniture. Nevertheless, the price of furniture from such manufacturers is always slightly higher than ordinary furniture made by other companies.
The price of the furniture is always a constraint or a blessing in disguise. Some retail stores offer discount packages on season sales or on new arrivals. The price of the furniture is often determined by the materials used-leather seats are all time favorites but are as expensive as pure wood dinning tables! Visit different furniture show rooms or stores for the latest packages. From the furniture show rooms, you have the opportunity to also check out the design, color, arrangement and comfort!
Countries like Italy have a wide range of vintage furniture designs guaranteed for durability, luxury and elegance. There are several countries like Malaysia, Dubai, China that have well established furniture making industry. Each of these countries of origin attaches a special price to its furniture. Often China has cheap furniture but remember to shop for quality.
In the new age of information technology, you can decide to get furniture online through online stores of different manufacturers. You’ll be amazed by the variety of furniture show rooms, office equipment, cabinets, bedding, tables and chairs made by the different manufactures. Online store have the latest designs and quality equipment at affordable prices. Shipping and delivery are often discussed by the manufactures on purchase.  One constraint with online shopping is that you need to do plenty of research and get recommendations from previous customers before you make a purchase!

Furniture Dealers,suppliers and show rooms in Uganda

Prism Office Supplies Ltd.

16 Jinja Road Opp. Warid Customer Care Madhvani Bu Kampala Kampala

077-6812219, 071-2812219

Katumba Furniture & Construction (U) Ltd.

68/70 Jinja Road Lugogo Show Ground 6648,Kampala Kampala


Footsteps Furniture Co. Ltd.

26 Jinja Road 7867,Kampala Kampala


Nina Interiors Ltd.

41 Jinja Road Nina House 16388,Kampala Kampala

041-4251024/5, 041-4233379

Double Dutch Interior Designs

60 – 64 6th Street Industrial Area 40123,Kampala Kampala

031-2262962, 041-4342335

Atopi Ipenet Enterprises (U) Ltd.

2,Kaberamaido Kaberamaido

Jaribu Credit Traders (U) Ltd.

8 Soroti Road Lira Lira Lira

Erimu Co. Ltd. (Kansanga Branch)

Kampala Kampala


Erimu Co. Ltd.

174 – 178 Masaka Road 12kms along Kampala Masaka H 27527,Kampala Kampala


Megha Industries (U) Ltd.

39 Kyambogo Road Kyambogo Megha Complex 30814,Kampala Kampala


Lilyann Ltd.

3 – 5 Bombo Road Next to Sure House Emka House 9715,Kampala Kampala


Erimu Co. Ltd. (Ntinda Show Room)

Kinawataka Road Ntinda Trading Centre Kampala Kampala


Biplous (U) Ltd.

62 Kampala Road 2876,Kampala Kampala

041-4233611, 031-2262801

Performance Furnishings (U) Ltd.

8 Hannington Road 14016,Kampala Kampala


Erimu Co. Ltd. (Show Room)

6 Jinja Road Opp. NSSF Building 27527,Kampala Kampala


Kitchen & Office Concepts Ltd.

15B 7th Street Industrial Area 7301,Kampala Kampala

041-4341200, 041-4341201

Moonstar Ltd.

119 7th Street Industrial Area Kampala Kampala

041-4664589, 031-2111119

Malaysia Furnishing Centre

37/39 5th Street Industrial Area 5891,Kampala Kampala

041-4255000, 041-4235993

Board City Ltd.

15B 7th Street Industrial Area 5009,Kampala Kampala

041-4252316, 031-2264338

Fundi Handyman Services

Bukoto – Kisaasi Road Opp. Tannex Apartments Kampala Kampala


Hwan Sung Industries Ltd.

243 Ntinda Industrial Area, Near Kyambogo Kampala Kampala

039-2789137/8, 041-4344225

Homes Ltd.

7 Nakasero Hill Road Nakasero 2186,Kampala Kampala

041-4348419, 041-4230292/321

Associated Scale Service Co. Ltd.

72 Kampala Road Behind Fido Dido Bhatia Towers 31484,Kampala Kampala

041-4232311, 077-2419192