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Which catering companies can prepare food during my event in Uganda?

Whichever event you may be organizing, there is always need to hire catering services. This will ease and shorten your preparation & planning processes as the food choices and all services to do with food will be relieved from you. Because of the numerous catering companies available today, you have to be very careful when making your choice.  Below are some of the aspects you should put into consideration.

Choosing catering service providers for your event

Have a look at the track-record of the catering company you are planning to use. These you will find by reading through the reviews made by the previous clients. Opt for a company with the highest positive reviews. Inquire the duration the company has been operational in this business. Discover if they had the capability to uphold their reputation and whether they have the correct customer support to match the tremendous services they claim to offer.
Also consider the type of dishes this company best specializes in preparing. Some are best at French, Mexican, barbeques or American. For this reason, basing on you preferences for the event, it is recommended that you make them aware of what you exactly need. Also inform them of the theme of the event you desire to be followed during the preparations especially if you are organizing weddings.

Consider comparing the various rates offered by the different companies. Normally the rates  are made per individual. It is wise to opt for companies that offer budget friendly prices though you have to look at the quality of service they are offering. Factually we advise against going so cheap particularly with catering services above all if it is your big wedding day. This will save you from the shame of having bad quality food served on your special day, especially if they are frozen foods.
As part of the menu, you may desire to search for wine. You have to check on which type of wine is to be paired with which food. It is also good to find out personally the way food will be served either at stations or by food handlers and food servers. You also need to be aware if the caterer cutlery & utensils to be used in serving and if cleaning up at the end of the event is also part of their services.
Here are more precise things that need to be done before you sign up with the catering company you have chosen:

Ask for the trading license and whether the company is insured. If they can also avail you with an album of photos showing their table arrangement and food layout for the different themes, this will be an added advantage. And most important of all, never sign up a company before personally talking to the manager of that catering company that you have chosen.

Catering services,restaurants and hotels in Uganda that offer outside catering

Gately on Nile

34B Kisinja Road 130,jinja Jinja


Kabira Country Club

63 Old Kira Road Bukoto 3676,Kampala Kampala


Hotel Africana Ltd.

2 – 4 Wampewo Avenue 10218,Kampala Kampala

041-4348080, 041-4348081

Dominos Pizza and Restaurants

13A Kampala Road Opp. Orient Bank Head Office Amad 21206,Kampala Kampala

041-4251513, 041-4234891, 071-2366466

Colline Hotel Ltd.

26 Sekibobo Road Colline House 7,Kampala Kampala

041-4290240, 041-4251038, 039-2790212