Uganda Events Management Companies, Organisers and Consultants

Who are the events managers in Uganda; Companies & Consultants?

Just as the name suggests, event management businesses are companies paid to handle all the work involved in organizing and planning an event.  The company does all work to the smallest detail that will be required by the event.  Using their highly skilled professional personnel, they provide you with the finest services that suit your budget. Fortunately these companies do not specialize in planning and organizing particular events. They organize several events some of which are weddings, even birthday parties, seminars, expositions, galas, exhibitions, conferences and trade shows. Today the number of such companies has gradually increased are aware that you want to have your function well planned and organized according to their expertise and perfection to make the event so special and memorable.


TO REDUCE STRESS; unfortunately many people still believe that the event planners can never respect their needs or idea, and yet all that is untrue. All event managers prioritize at meeting the needs and the demands of their clients and aim at offering them the best services that best suit their budget. For that reason all the client has to do is check on the work progress  thus relieving them of all of the associated stress.

FOR PROPER PLANNING & MANAGEMENT; it can never be refuted that event management firms basing on their professional and experienced employees always organize your event very efficiently. They have always been survivors for individuals who have found it burdening to organize events out of the fixed budget in which they may be working.
TO HANDLE SMALL JOBS; the event organizer will go ahead to handle the small jobs like catering, lighting and decoration using their creative ideas to transform a simple place into a wonderland. They go ahead to select the best locality/venue to suit the event.

LOOK AT THE UTMOST DETAIL; In this twenty first century, the finest way to look for an Event Management Firm is by using the internet! But remember to look for the smallest of all details to affirm the genuineness of the event company and also know their physical location of their offices. As friends or anyone who has very used their services.
QUOTES; inquire from the event manager for quotes to enable you properly analyze an compare their packages so as to choose the one that serves you best.
CHECK THE FACILITIES THEY OFFER; all clients aim at getting the best services from their event managers and the only  way to achieve that is by looking through the various prospects plus the facilities they claim to provide. Check through the catering facilities, decoration, venue and lighting facilities for your personal satisfaction and for clarity.
COMPANY LIST; keep away from companies with a complaint list or have registered a bad-track record. Never make any compromises when it comes to your event but right way opt for another company to handle your event.

A directory to Events Managers in Uganda

Graceland Gardens

Kampala Kampala

077-4747407, 075-1618472

ARIES Uganda

Kireka Kagugube Shopping Centre 3926,Kampala Kampala

031-2106466, 078-2740971

Makela Africa Ltd.

1846 Bukoto – Kisaasi Road Bukoto 70014,Kampala Kampala


SN Events Ltd.

Portal Avenue Span House Rm. No. 213 70310,Kampala Kampala


Horizon Communications Ltd.

96A Bukoto Street 10742,Kampala Kampala

041-4374117, 077-2401080

Muyz Plus International

Katwe Solar House Suite 2.2 Kampala Kampala


Mimah Events

Ben Kiwanuka Street Shoprite – Clock Tower 11652,Kampala Kampala

078-2226622, 031-2277511

Vantage Communications (U) Ltd.

17 Cooper Road Kamwokya – Kisementi 26401,Kampala Kampala

041-4510391, 031-2262965/6

Mwiiza Management Co.

Ben Kiwanuka Street Shoprite Suite 103 11652,Kampala Kampala

031-2277511, 077-6694492

Quality Management Services Ltd.

4 Jinja Road Social Security House 27864,Kampala Kampala

031-2263046, 041-4349443

Saatchi & Saatchi

21 Bukoto Street Kamwokya 11768,Kampala Kampala

041-4543727/8/9, 031-2263333/4/5/6

Evolv Events & Communications

1633 Lower Mawanda Road 23284,Kampala Kampala

031-2298998, 075-1384795, 071-2488956

Bliss World Ltd.

1 Colville Street Communications House 25858,Kampala Kampala

041-4235466, 075-4001833

Global Line Events Managers & Consultants Ltd.

3 Parliament Avenue Raja Chambers 4th Floor Suit n 4541,Kampala Kampala

071-2312148, 077-2302293, 075-3858150

Fotogenix Ltd.

18 Rashid Khamis Road 12693,Kampala Kampala

041-4348557, 075-2777424

Zipa Models Ltd.

2 2nd Street Industrial Area 10555,Kampala Kampala



Jays Links International

Entebbe Road Kamu Kamu Plaza 2nd Floor, SF 15 40145,Kampala Kampala

075-7747837, 071-3747837, 077-2747837