Where to eat from in Uganda

A hungry man is an angry man, So they say! But why would you let yourself reach that extent when there are so many restaurants and eat-outs budding in Uganda most especially Kampala. There are so many eateries one can choose from to quench their starvation but first and foremost, one ought to know what they want. Do you want fast foods or the traditional dishes, do you want the overly spiced or plain foods, do you mind where you eat from or anywhere is fine but most importantly, how much are you willing to spend on a meal? With that sorted, here is a list of a few restaurants to check out in Uganda.

Baguma’s restaurants: with so many branches distributed around Uganda, not even the man with the biggest appetite would complain to you after having a meal with them. A lot of food is what makes them tick and they usually serve food meant for three people to one person. They cook traditional dishes in the most traditional way known to mankind. It’s one of the few restaurants that those that love “Kalo” and “enshabwe” go-to. “Kalo” is millet posho while “enshabwe” is ghee pudding. You can eat at any of their branches like at Mackay road, along Martin road or even in Mbarara district.

Uhuru restaurant: This too is a chain of restaurants with several branches. Uhuru restaurant has been in Uganda since the 1960’s and their speciality is serving commendable Pillawo rice. Their pillawo is a fantasy to many and those that have tasted gain a new addiction. They also serve other meals but each time you walk into a Uhuru restaurant, more than three quarters of the people will be eating rice pilawo. If by any chance you get the yearn for Pilawo rice and you are in Kampala, just go to your Google maps and you will find the nearest Uhuru restaurant.

African pot. Like their name suggests, they are a pot of several of Ugandan dishes from different parts of the country. They are popular for serving boiled, oil free dishes in bowls. For one meal, you will be surrounded with several bowls that perhaps you might think you have got to eat one and leave the other for other persons. African pot like the others is also a chain but something to note about it is that, it usually feeds the high-end society unlike the previous ones which have almost everybody at their tables.

Shaka Zulu foods. This eatery took the people by storm and has since because a synonym with food. It was at first somewhere where the students of Makerere University Business School (MUBS) with some money had lavish meals. But because of their service and the amount of tasty food they gave, recommendations were made and even the non-students started eating from there. They offer all local foods but what pops about them is that you can hardly control how your mouth-buds become watery. You want to eat some more yet your stomach can’t take in anymore!

Cafe javas. Many people will tell you that at Café javas, the hospitality is sustaining enough to make your hunger die. In fact its here that you learn the essence of tipping people for awesome service. They have one of the best interior décor amongst restaurants that just sitting there, at their tables gives you a piece of mind. There are several fast foods you can choose from the menu. It has several branches around kampala and one can expect a meal to cost them between shs30,000-shs100,000.

KFC. This multinational company was launched in Uganda and like all the other international brands, people rushed to see “what white things taste like”. The bucket chicken was one of the offers that attracted several people to go to KFC. KFC does not have much on their menu, its basically chips, chicken in several forms.

Mr.Tasty. Like there name, they serve crunchy snacks from burgers to pizza to chicken and fries. It has several branches stationed at almost every corner of Kampala streets like Ntinda, shoprite, Bugolobi and many others. You will need about shs.10,000 to get what to eat.
Mamma mia. This is one of few restaurants in Uganda that offer a free starter to their customers. They have a very cosy environment and spacious in door that make it easy for you to order and squash your food. This Italian restaurant has two branches along Kampala road and you can walk in anytime of the day. A meal goes from shs15,000.

Chicken tonight. From its name, one might think it’s a chicken slaughterhouse. Well, chicken tonight became a household name because it was perceived as a place were “the campus girls squandered chicken bones.” That’s how much tasty their meals are! It has several branches around Kampala and a meal goes from as low as shs.15,000.

Cayenne louge. This is one of Uganda’s pizza palaces. It offers a cool indoor and serene outside environment. At cayenne, you have several pizzas to choose from until your lost for choice. It also provides other continental dishes and has three fully stocked bars to help your meal go down your throat.

The Lawns Wild Game & Barbecue Restaurant. This is a fine diner and be sure to eat like a king. It has the tasty barbecue that may lure you into licking or even biting off your hands. Above the barbecue, it has other meals on its menu to choose from and a well stocked bar to grab drinks. At the lawns, a vegetarian may want to try meat.

L’atmosphere. It’s found on the reigns of Kampala hills and you will realise this by how it was constructed. L’atmosphere is more fun if it’s a date because of the setting of the diner. You will need about shs35,000 to have a fulfilling meal.

The little donkey. It’s a Mexican restaurant with lots of Mexican dishes to choose from. The whole interior furnishing make you think your in Mexico: The hats, talisman and all. It boasts of fair services for their meals and while there, you can decide on an indoor or outdoor meal.

Something to remember is that today with the invasion of technology, everything has become technologized and so have the restaurants. In case you are unable to walk to these restaurants but still want to eat from them, you may pre-order online from applications like Jumia food and have it delivered to your doorstep. Whatever yourpreference, don’t let hunger be the best of you.