Kampala Takeaway and Delivery;Eating Places in Kampala

Where can I find Takeaway and Delivery Places within Kampala?

Let me be honest; at times you simply don’t want to be bothered with cooking and, basing where you reside in Kampala, it isn’t easy for you to get a nice supermarket. So what next? The answer is ultimately here in this form of an in depth listing of takeaway plus delivery places within Kampala!

To be sincere, the majority of cafes plus local restaurants will accept to pack-up your food for you in case you drop by in person and also wait. However who wishes to do that? We want things right now! Therefore this list is perfect for the impatient amidst us and concentrates mainly on locations which deliver or which take orders over the telephone for collection.

How much does a meal delivery cost in Kampala Uganda?

FYI – All the delivery charges depend on cost to deliver to Mengo because

a) it is truly far out and unique therefore in case they are prepared to deliver there I am confident they are going to deliver at any place and

b) I reside there. However hopefully you will have an inkling of delivery costs and even perhaps the desire to check out Mengo sooner or later.

Where is the Best Pizza in Kampala Uganda?


Organizing a movie night-in with some friends, popcorn plus pizzas? Well, your search is over – there are many pizza delivery services within Kampala… the popcorn you will have to supply yourself with that regrettably.

Mamba Point Pizzeria 0772 743 227 – Perhaps amongst the better alternatives for pizza within Kampala and is Situated in Nakasero on Akii Bua Road. The Pizzas here go for between 18,000 and 28,000 UGX for regular and then 21,000 and 30,000 UGX for the large and then the delivery charges will cost you around 5,000 UGX to Mengo. It is open daily for dinner from 6pm to 10pm and then closed on Mondays.

Olives Pizzeria 0750350350 or 0782232123- in my view This is,  the finest pizza obtainable in Kampala. This restaurant is located within Centenary park  gardens (it actually survived the not long ago city demolitions) and is a great eat-in place. Pizzas vary in the standard, and go for 20,000 UGX tag and the delivery charges are as well in accordance with standard charges.

Dominoes – (041) 425 1513 – this is a copycat form of the worldwide dominoes, however still, deliveries to various places. This restaurant is found along Kampala Road.

Steers or Debonairs – (041) 423 1623/4 – Situated close to Garden City shopping Centre, and having a branch along Kampala road, Steers belongs to the South African burger plus grill chain and likewise offers takeaway and deliveries. Within the same complex you’ll as well find a Debonairs pizza, yet again a South African chain that serves a variety of pizzas.



Something Kampala does well is the Indian food, and there is a good number of Indian restaurants scattered around this capital. Below are a couple of those which offer delivery services.

Haandis – 077 426 2957 – This Garden City food court shop that is a well-liked Indian restaurant offers deliveries. It has chicken plus meat curries together with a variety of other combos. Their main restaurant (found along Kampala road 041 434 6283) as well delivery however only for at least 10 people; this delivery fee goes at 10,000 UGX.

Sharma Tandoori – 0703 080177 – also among the garden city Indian food courts, its Deliveries price tag standard Boda Boda cost and a chicken tikka curry, for instance, will cost you around 19,000 UGX (with  rice or even naan).

Pavement Tandoori – 0758 111132/0714 111132 – Situated in Kisementi, this at one time staple of Kampala Indian scene has become back – bigger and also snazzier, and offers takeaway plus delivery! Having a wide array of Indian, plus some Chinese and Asian things, this place is specifically perfect for its choice of vegetarian curries.  The Delivery charge depends on distance.

Nawabs – 041 425 2205 / 0772 727777 – An additional Indian located in Garden city; however this is a sit down restaurant. it is part of an international chain Nawabs as well a very safe and secure choice for a nice curry. Delivery charges are special. Easily they likewise have an online form of their menu (completed with pictures!) to assist you with your takeaway choices: https://www.nawabrestaurants.com/Menu.pdf

Khana Khazana – 041 423 3049 / 0752 224000 – Among the swankier Indian places in Kampala; located in Kololo along Acacia Avenue. This is not on the most affordable side however it has a really wide menu and is perhaps one of the finest Indians around Kampala. The Delivery charges are established at the transport costs, however be cautioned that if this restaurant is very busy especially over the weekends, they might not offer any deliveries. The Kitchen opens daily at 7pm therefore deliveries are available from then on.

Here is where to find Middle Eastern Foods in Kampala Uganda.

Lebanese – (041) 423 1623/4 – also found at Garden City, this food court offers particularly good and shawarma kebabs at 8,000 UGX. The delivery Prices vary in accordance to the distance.


Essentially the most conventional for the delivery food types, fortunately Kampala as well has a couple available so break your chopsticks plus bowls, relax and maybe even watch an interesting movie as you await your delivery.

The Wok – (041) 425 2168 – Situated in garden city the Wok offers an assortment of nice Oriental food such as Chinese plus Thai, and do deliver for the cost of a boda boda to wherever you are (therefore quoted approximately 7,000 to 8,000 UGX) with the warning that you have to properly direct the boda boda cyclist to your place.

Fang Fang – (041) 434 4806 or (041) 434 0067 – among the finest primary Chinese restaurants in Kampala, it is situated on Colville Street, Nakasero. It’s got one of the even more costly boda boda delivery prices. I tried making my order on a Friday late evening at around 7.30pm and they informed me they were very busy to offer a deliver therefore in case you reside far from Nakasero keep this in mind!

Nanjing – (041) 434 0928 – this is a great chinese restaurant (and to many it is the finest). It is found on Impala Avenue within Kololo and it offers deliveries however at what appears to me an excessively high price of around 25,000 UGX to a place like Mengo by boda boda! On trying to bargain I lowered it to 20,000 UGX however in comparison to Fang Fang it seems to be overrated. It could be really worth trying in case you live closer to the centre.

Oriental Simply Thai – (041) 439 1000 – This Thai restaurant found on the 1st floor of the Metropole Hotel is available for lunch starting at noon up to 3pm and then for dinner from 7pm to 11pm. They offer deliveries although they actually prefer people to come and pick their take-away. They essentially send out your food in a metro taxi instead of boda boda therefore delivery charges are a somewhat more since you are paying the charge of a taxi. Could do well for large orders for many people. Their number will connect you to the hotel reception and you simply need to request for the restaurant.

Samurai – 0702700007 / 0782616845 – this is a Japanese joint found on Gabba road, some distance from Kabalagala. They provide a combination of sushi and traditional scorching japanese dishes. In addition , they offer deliveries and take away  and the only additional charge other than the meal is the price of the Boda Boda to where you live .

Where can I find nice eating  places in Kampala? Restaurants,cafes and 

 New York Kitchen – 0793 200775 – The well-known bagel plus pizza joint situated in Garden City likewise has a less known service of delivery of food and also personalized cupcakes plus birthday cakes. Their charges are not very high as they are for the price of a boda boda delivery. The Take-away menus are included in your delivery or may be got directly from the restaurant .

Soho Cafe – 0392964011 – Situated on Yusuf Lule road Soho provides a number of main course dishes, cafe food, smoothies plus coffees.  It’s an excellent place to order your lunch from – regardless of whether you are at home or in office.

Brood Bakery – 0792 516266 – Based in the exact same complex as the renowned Nandos (see below) along Kampala road, in Nakasero. This Dutch bakery is renowned for its nice breads, particularly the baguettes, plus patisseries. Fortunately people who don’t reside close to their shop along Kampala road – they as well offer deliver. Their Deliveries are available daily from 6am till 7pm. Orders around Nakasero are done for free which the prices to other areas are not really expensive but vary basing on the distance. They also have an Online menu on their website.

Quality Cuts sandwiches (041) 4510465- is a preference lunch sandwich alternative for a number of office workers that buy them from tuskys, nakumatt and uchumi or from their trademark butchery found in Nsambya, in addition they provide a delivery alternative – ideal for ordering for the entire office. They provide a multitude of meat plus veggie sandwiches ranging from 7,000 to 8,000 UGX and their menus are supplied on delivery, or got from large supermarkets or online as well.

Nandos – (041) 434 0842 – Identical name as the renowned (and much loved although not by me) global chicken fast-food joints, however the similarities virtually end there! Nandos here likewise has an assortment of chicken, burgers plus pizzas and some of the cheaper price delivery quotes (although not yet been confirmed if this is really true).

Nogamu – +256 312 26403 – this is an organic shop found on the Gaba road within Kabalagala. Instead of providing delivery of meals per declare they on the other hand offer the luxurious option of your groceries (as well as high quality ones as well) sent to your doorstep! It is an inspirational idea – being a membership organization joining together small holders to enhance organic agriculture.