10 Best Local Restaurants in Kampala

Where to Buy local food in Kampala Uganda.

Kampala is busy city filled with a lot of businesses from shopping malls to hotels, restaurants it being the capital city of Uganda. Over the years we have seen many restaurants being set up by either the local people or foreigners and they have become a booming business within the city center.

Ugandans love food and they are willing to almost taste everything from local food to international cuisines like Asian, Coastal and Italian food all served in the same area.

There are several restaurants in Kampala and they all have a good reputation when it comes to service, the food and sanitation. Since they are the best at what they do, you will find that they are a bit crowded at times but still offer the best.

Below is a list of restaurants in Uganda that have ranked the best in the Capital of Uganda Kampala and even though they are not necessarily in order, they have been placed on my list because of the good customer care service offered, the wonderful delicious food especially Luwombo and the cool calm clean environment they offer to their clients and not forgetting the security.

luwombo in Kampala


  1. Namayiba Park Hotel Restaurant


Located along Rashid Khamis Rd, this is one of the best restaurants in Uganda and it has one of the best environments that one can relax. If you are planning on a trip upcountry, this is the best place to dine from since it will give you ample time to book and catch the bus on time after enjoying the delicious meal. It is strategically located in that you can easily shop from the shops around before boarding the bus.

Famous Dishes served at Namayiba

There are several dishes that are served at Namayiba Restaurant from local food to international cuisines but the best dishes served at this wonderful Restaurant are listed below

  • Tilapia, they are known to have the best Tilapia in Kampala prepared according to one’s ordered tastes and at a very fair price.
  • Luwombo, this is a local dish where source is wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. This is served with different food like rice, potatoes, cassava but most especially Matooke.



2. Torino Bar and Restaurant



Located in Kampala along Park lane plot 9B, Torino has one of the best Eritrean foods served in the whole country. They serve out all the Eritrean dishes that you can think of and it is always tasty.

The environment is also conducive for parties.


St Anthony Restaurant


Located in Kampala, St Anthony provides a variety of local cuisines that are delicious and to die for. They have a good customer care service system and they provide the best organic food in the city which is served straight from the garden nearby to the plates.

Favorite dishes served at St Anthony

These have a variety of local dishes that they serve and some of include:

  • Luwombo of chicken, meat and Fish stew in ground nuts.
  • millet bread
  • And boiled local food that is not fried like rice, beans, greens.


2K Restaurant


2K Restaurant is located within the heart of Kampala and they have one of the best local servings around Kampala. They have very good customer care and as you enter, they welcome you with smiles and then proceed to serve you with whatever you want at a good speed.

Although the parking is limited, there is ample security that will make sure that your car is safe from the various thieves around town.

They dish out their local food in large quantities and their food is tasty. Not forgetting the toilet facilities which are in a good and peak condition.

Famous dishes served at 2K Restaurant

The famous dishes served at 2k restaurant include the following:

  • The meat and chicken pilau is one of the favorites and it is served at an affordable price.
  • The luwombo is a favorite and they serve luwombo of g.nuts, chicken, fish and mushrooms.


Spectrum Labonita


Located along Colville road opposite Christ the king, Spectrum is a budding place most especially if you are into buffet food. Since it is located within the city centre, its prices are a bit high but the tasty food is worth it.

Spectrum offers a wide range of foods that are from different continents including local dishes and they have a large space where one can hold meetings, parties and they also have  space that can accommodate couples and offer them the privacy that they need and can enjoy a play or two from the Theater Labonita just nearby.

The favorite dishes served at Spectrum include steak, Luwombo of chicken, meat and groundnuts, grilled pork and other international cuisines like pizzas.


Faze 2


Faze 2 is locate within Kampala on Nakasero hill and it also offers a variety of food ranging from local to international dishes. The well organized compound and in door setting gives a customer the much needed calm environment and privacy that they need.

Faze 2 has one of the best waiters and waitresses and it also has its own butchery which sees constant supply of meat in the area.

It has good and ample parking space and the security is also on point. Faze 2 offers good quality tasty food and some of the dishes served include the following

Favorite dishes served at Faze 2

  • Faze 2 is largely known as the best restaurant when it comes to salads in Kampala.
  • They also offer pork, fish and beef



The Piato Restaurant


The Piato restaurant is located within the heart of Kampala on plot 20, Lumumba Avenue in Nakasero.

Piato has one of the best grilled foods in Kampala and as their slogan suggests “The king of the grill”, it serves its purpose. The service from the waiters and waitresses is at a peak and they make you feel at home when it comes to the food and hospitality and you can either pay using a visa card or cash.

Piato Restaurant opens from 7:00am to 11:00pm weekdays and on weekends from 8:00am to midnight. The Restaurant gives off a romantic feel for those who want to dine as couples by giving you exclusive privacy and it is also a good place to commune with friends for an evening.

Favorite dishes served at Piato mostly include Italian and Asian food and some of these cuisines are listed below:

  • Fried chicken in a basket, the chicken is mixed with bread crumbs and herbs and then deep fried until it becomes golden brown.
  • Grilled beef fillet steak; this is served with either mushroom source or pepper source.



Seascallop Restaurant


Located in Kamwokya, Seascallop restaurant offers a variety of food in form of a buffet and at a relatively affordable price. It has caring staff that take care of your food needs and on time.

There is good security, ample parking space and a great view of the British Embassy and Uganda Museum.

Favorite dishes served at seascallop

  • The one meter long pizza which can be got an affordable price.
  • Luwombo, rice, matooke and ground nuts.
  • The Biriyani is also a good dish served at this restaurant.


Shaka Zulu restaurant


Located in Bugolobi Kiswa road, Shaka Zulu ranks as the best when it comes to customer care and tasty foods in Kampala. A few minutes’ drive from the city center, it offers you a serene place where you can rest away from the busy roads and chaos of the city.

It offers a wide range of food from the different parts of Uganda like millet bread, matooke, rice, cassava, potatoes and food from other countries like pizza, steak and they also do deliveries once you order food online or by making a call to their restaurant.

They also have local dishes like Luwombo for fish, meat, chicken, ground nuts all at their best and the beauty about dining from Shaka Zulu Restaurant is that once you arrive, you are given a jug of juice even before you start ordering for food.


Mama Ashanti Restaurant


Located on Plot 20 Kyadondo road, Mama is one of the most accessible restaurants in Kampala and it has a lot to offer to its clients like food delivery once ordered for online, all kinds of food, a good place for children from and there is also an access for those that use wheel chairs.

If you are a fan of West Africa food, then this is the right place to go. With its serene beauty and calm environment, Mama Ashanti offers you the whole package of privacy and a secret get away with your friends although you should note that they are a bit expensive.

Favorite dishes served

  • Okra stew, they are best known for their okra stew which is a delicacy for many.
  • They are also known for their Joll of rice and beef, Fufu and egusi.