Uganda Shoes, What To Wear

What are Human feet and shoes all about?

Current research has proved that human feet either grow or they shrink in size during periodic intervals. So you should not wonder that a size that once was well fitting no longer does so this year. For that reason therefore it is vital that you choose shoes that properly fit to avoid pain in the legs and the back.
Shoes that are so worn out are also known to cause serious back ache , pain in the feet and severe pain knee joint sores. With all that in mind, its high time you got yourself another pair of shoes having used the current for at least 500miles while running or trekking. If you have sports shoes, they will begin wearing out following 70 hours of vigorous use. Actually when it comes to expensive pairs, they don’t easily show their outward wear, so don’t wait until the heel is worn out before you think of replacing it. It your old shoe has surely served you well it is recommended that you purchase something of the same make rather than trying something new that you are not conversant with.

Picking and fitting with the  right shoe size;How To Find The Right Shoe Size

To get the perfect pair that fits you right, you have to first get acquitted with the various factors that affect a shoe from feting right.
Amusingly, approximately 80% of the human population has one of their legs longer than the other legs. And for some, one legs is flexible while the other is so unbending. Similarly the alignment of the knees plus the feet varies in some people; while others have their feet bent inward or outward. Furthermore some have knock knees, bow curved or the neutral position. Each of these differences plays part in the shoe fitting.

Different Shoes for Different Kinds of Feet

Being aware of the rare abnormalities in ones feet will help you to choose the right shoe size. If your feet are highly arched, do away with stability plus motion control shoes because they normally lessen the stability of your feet. Having specially personalized pads fitted in your shoes will correct this abnormality. For those with flat feet, or with small arched feet, opt for shoes that have stability and motion control and a strong mid-sole. And for those who have feet that excessively roll inward as they move; over pronation, in other words when the outside part of your feet feels the pressure when you’re feet impact the ground, are more vulnerable to feet alignment injuries. Individuals with pronation irregularities should use stability shoes with dual-density midsole or a rolling bar.
It is vital that you purchase shoes from a shop with knowledgeable personnel and have a variety of shoes.  Despite the fact that the shoe industry encourages the mentality of having different shoes for various purposes, athletes specifically require either cross trainer or running shoes. There are basically 3 major categories of shoes which include: stability control, motion control and neutral cushioning. And when it comes to sports shoes, there are 2 major types which include one preferably for regular stop-go motion, and the other for running or trekking.
It is recommended that you shop for shoes in the evening when your feet are somewhat larger due to activities of the day, as compared to the morning

Tips on  making a good shoe buy in Uganda

Try on different pairs before finally deciding on the pair to take. Feel free to walk around inside the shop for some time to check if you are comfortable. Choose shoes that have a resemblance with the shape of your foot. As you go shopping for shoes, always carry with you your sock. That way you will be able to establish the right size of your shoe. Your feet should be well fitting and properly supported by all sides. A shoe that has some cushion, is stable and flexible will best fit. It should at least be half an inch longer than the longest of your toes.
It is so surprisingly how the sports shoes can generate interest for all outdoor activities. By wearing the perfect shoe that well fits you will be able to enjoy the addition mile with no effort.  Having a perfect shoe pair is the key to healthy living.

Shoe Makers, Dealers and Suppliers in Uganda

Bata Shoe Company (U) Ltd.

92/94 5th Street Industrial Area 422,Kampala Kampala

041-4233517, 041-4235440

Uganda Shoe Co. Ltd.

104 – 106 5th Street Industrial Area 3883,Kampala Kampala

077-2374236, 077-2510461

Amob Italian Shop

Kampala Kampala

077-2904254, 078-2339660

Alam Group of Companies

86/90 5th Street Industrial Area 4641,Kampala Kampala