Models and modelling agencies in Uganda

Gone are the days when modelling was not respected and not seen as a career. Modelling is a profession and as a model, you are your own profession. A model is a person whose role is to display, advertise or promote commercial products.  Like any other job, modeling requires passion, hard work and determination to become successful. Effort, patience and commitment are all a model needs to succeed. Models are known for being confident, friendly and having a pleasant personality. So to become one, you need to check yourself thoroughly as this may fail your modelling profession.

Who qualifies to be a model?

Modelling in Uganda has no age limit and requires fewer qualifications such as minimum height of not below 6’0” for males and 5’9” for females. So there is no need to worry about age limits and educational requirements like most careers.  Anyone can be a model, male or female. Back then, only sexy females were looked at for modeling and good entertainment. However, male models are on the rise in Uganda today as the fashion industry is growing and many are featured in music videos, magazines billboards and on runways. Male models like Xeader Frederick, Aine Warren, Adam Gashe Riley have hit the fashion industry because of their masculine looks. Children too can be models for kids’ fashions and products since models are needed to advertise any product which may attract any age group. Sheila Gashumba is one of the popular commercial models in Uganda who started a career in modeling at 10years. Gloria Ssenyonjo aka baby Gloria is also a renown commercial model for Movit Herbal jelly and soap who attained this name for starting the commercial as a baby at only 2 years but is now a grown girl.

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Which type of model do I want to be?

Modelling agencies in Uganda focus on promoting models in three main categories; commercial, fashion and glamour. Therefore before going into modelling or joining any modelling agency, one needs to ask themselves the type of model they would like to be.

Commercial models

Anyone of any size can be a commercial model because these can do anything that isn’t related to high fashion. Such models go in for trade shows, bill boards, T.V advertisement, product demo, catalogue, fitness, plus size, home ware, foods and beverages, the list is endless. Various companies in Uganda such as those dealing in beverages, beauty products, telecommunications, and travels hire commercial models from any modelling agency to promote their products.

Fashion models

These are the kind of models that appear in fashion magazines and on runways. They are hired by fashion designers to fit and showcase clothes for their collections. Fashion designers like Sylvia Owori, Anita Beryl of Beryl Qouture, Kasule Raphael of K-Rafael, Olivia Nanfuka of NFK clothing and many more use such models to advertise their designs.

Glamour models

Such models work for lingerie and swimsuit companies. They are more shaped with curvilinear bodies and usually do sexually suggestive poses. Hotels with swing pools, beaches promoting events like boat cruise, beach parties and lingerie designers employ this type of models.

It is very difficult to get business opportunities when you are modelling solo. To succeed in the modelling business, one needs to join a modelling agency to nurture and present them to the companies that need to promote their products. A modelling agency is a company that represents models. It acts as a broker between the models and the business companies that wish to promote their products.

How do I join a modelling agency?

Joining a modeling agency is as easy as walking to the agency offices and filling in the required form. The agency then gives you an appointment on when they will invite you in for interviews. Some agencies simply advertise and register those models that turn up. Being signed up by an agency is a big shot since it is going to promote you as a model but you need to be cautious of what you are signing up for. You need to know the types of jobs offered by the agency and how much is paid for each job to avoid being exploited. It is best to join agencies that have been in the modelling and fashion industry for quite a long time because these have mastered enough experience in managing models, can expose you well and bring out the best in you. Models like Aamito Stacie Lagum became famous because of the exposure gained from her modelling agency, Joram Model management.



Where do I find a modelling agency in Uganda?

Below is a list of modelling agencies in Uganda which you can visit to build a career in modelling.

Joram Model Management

Kampala, Uganda

Pnone: +256-782 625 769, +256-393 217 395



Cavalli Modelling Agency

Plot 81, 6km Buganda Road, Kampala

Phone: +256-206 646 001, +256-701 057 930


Arapapa Consultancy Limited

6.8km, P.O. Box 2471, Windsor Loop Road

Phone: 041 4252614

Crystal Models Africa

Makerere swimming pool, Kampala

Phone: +256-784 075 299, +256-700 456 715


Ace Models and Talent Agency LTD

Wandegeya, Kampala

Phone: +256-701 535 623, +256-701 549 473

Crown Image Modelling School, Uganda

Kampala Rd, Opp. City Square just next to DFCU Bank

Phone: 0701 535 623

Afrikan Fashion Awards

Wavvamuno Rd, Munyonyo, Kampala, Uganda

Phone: 0414 690 013, 078 478 4814


Kids Modelling Academy

5th Floor Ham Towers

Opp. Muk main gate

Phone: +256-702 242 066